Welcome to my page!

This is my very first bit of writing on here, so please bear with me whilst I get my footing and add more content to these pages as the days pass by.  I will do my best to work on here solidly as well as working alongside my current writing project, I am in the midst of writing a novel (currently working on the second chapter), so when there is something substantial to tell I will let you know.  All you need to know right now is that it is a story written in a contemporary style with elements of horror, fantasy and a bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

Well that’s enough of that!  What I would like to say before I bid you all goodnight is (it is 02:04am so yep my bed is calling me!) with this webpage I will hopefully be highlighting my creative flair in the Poetry, Painting, Photography – ‘the three Ps’ sections as I like to call it and also in the Short Snippets/Excerpts page.  Besides that, I will add reviews of books, exhibitions, events etc that I have read/been to as well as getting you to participate in some improvisational writings, so watch this space!  I will endeavour to make sure this website is insightful as it is engulfed with all things that is me and I hope it is informative too in the useful information/website sections etc.

I encourage comments so please share your thoughts and let me know if I am getting this right or else I am embarking on a fruitless expedition!  Anyway, I must love you and leave you and gets some much needed Zzzzzzzzzz’s.  In the Meantime please do come back and watch me grow.


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