Wandering Thoughts

I’m staring blankly at a page, not quite sure what I should write -my fingers seems to have a mind of its own and it types, types, types…  Where does the inspiration come from-who knows –it just does and comes out of some kind of abyss as if it needed the release to find some structure to be whole and not some vast space…

I can hear the rain drops falling out of the night sky onto the quiet streets, houses, trees, calming in its movement –hypnotic in a sense as it calms the nerves that had been set soaring during the late evening.  It’s been one of those days where –despite the great intent of being optimistic and keeping busy –a sadness, a loneliness had surrounded now that the night has fallen, my sleepless eyes and body is looking to find ways of keeping myself occupied.

The computer screen taunts me with its bright light that shines through the darkness of the room, quite hallucinogenic in some respects –the darkness of the room toys with my mind as the light distorts my vision.  My eyes start to play tricks on me, my mind wanders to an eternal realm where I know all too well is just fantasy but, the idea and notion has taken a hold of me and as if hypnotised I am reeled in slowly, not knowing that my eyelids have slowly become heavy and the reasoning I have brought myself to believe that I’m still awake, has been taken over by some dreamlike thoughts –always ready to blur the edges where reality touches ambiguity…


~ by yikici on March 21, 2011.

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