Don’t Seem to Care

Look at you

Staring at nowhere;

you have given up, you don’t care.

Where’s that charm, that charisma in you?

Where’s it gone, have you lost hope so soon?

You battled with all the problems that arose;

you never gave up; what happened; who knows…

Where’s that strong, determined man?

The one I grew up to love as much as I can.

Instead, there lies a body so weak;

it has no life, no joy, it’s so bleak…

It’s lying there; rotting away,

don’t seem to care about a thing that we say.

What has made you give up so soon?

I never thought I’d see you in this mood.

I praised you and all you did.

You were one above every league.

I was honoured to have a friend like you;

but now I’m ashamed, I have no clue.

You always said; “Live life to the full”.

Why don’t you do as you told me to do?

I can’t bear to see you like this,

life has got more to offer than this.

Don’t let your life pass away

think of all the things you say;

all the hopes and all the dreams,

don’t let them fade like all these dreams.


~ by yikici on March 28, 2011.

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