There are people out there,
Who are all alone.
They need a place to call their own;
A place they can call home,
Some are forced to stray from home,
Some are all confused,
Some need help and understanding,
While others need clothes, love and food.
These people have lost their ways in life;
They need a guiding light,
They need a star to shine on them,
Through bad to all good times.
They look through shattered windows,
They trust with a wounded (open) heart.
They are only human,
Like you or I.
These people hope to get by;
With food, love and shelter.
They hope one day their luck will change
And they will find a way back into life
They have not lost their hope,
Their dreams or even their love for life…
They live a life of true torment,
They battle with strong desires,
They are us and we are them
Together we’re the same
We all carry the same spirits;
The spirits of true happiness.

~ by yikici on April 6, 2011.

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