Part of…’An Almost Blank Canvas’…

Why is it when you plan something it always goes terribly wrong?  I mean take yesterday for instance, I was planning to get into work early so I can check out the sales so I can bag some bargains –but did I manage?  Heck no!  The bus I had decided to travel with got stuck in traffic for a good 60 minutes or so which didn’t help especially when this allowed me just enough time to get into work on time(ish).  I wanted to scream “It’s not fair!” and if I had no shame I would have, but the thought of unexpected bystanders looking a tad concerned and worried prevented such a scene.  Instead I cursed silently to myself and my invisible companions; you know the ones that tend to whisper to you when you do something out of the norm – you know your guilty conscience!  They tend to make you feel a bit of an idiot when you pull silly faces when you cannot find the words to express your thoughts.  Just like a minute ago!!  See what I mean?  It’s all unfair.  Wouldn’t you agree?  But that’s how it goes; you know sods law and all that.  Think about it, whilst I am talking about invisible people dad’s on holiday!  Aaargh!!!!  By god do I need a holiday!!!


~ by yikici on April 11, 2011.

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