The Trust a Novel by Sean Keefer

Being my very first book review I thought I’d honour it by reviewing a novel which I happened to stumble across through Twitter* (another first for me; so I thought I’d combine the two first experiences here and share it with you).  The book in question is The Trust; a pleasant surprise and the author is Sean Keefer; a rather friendly, engaging author-type-lawyer person.

The setting of the story takes place in Charleston, South Carolina; over the pond in the USA.  Our protagonist/hero is Noah Parks; a small town lawyer, who finds himself mysteriously caught up in an Estate Probate (legal terms usually go beyond my remit and occasionally over my head however; the storytelling is so light and compelling you actually find that you have absorbed all the information without any struggle).  Noah also finds out that he is in the Will of the man of the Estate (Cross) whom he did not know -that is until Thomason introduces himself and Cross to Noah and with that comes a trail of intrigue, suspense, mysterious deaths, a love triangle-of-sorts and unsolved clues.  Add to that a lawyer who has a soft spot for finding out the truth despite the implications; but is he disillusioned?  Will Noah be able to solve the mystery of the safety deposit box he has been appointed to via Cross’ Will, before it slips through his fingers as the events tangle and weave themselves in a rate which make you wonder ‘what is happening’?!

With this novel Keefer has introduced intriguing and strong characters every step of the way; Cross, Austin, Heather, Henderson and Anna Beth amongst others; they all offset each other well without being predictable and let’s say; there were times when I thought I had understood the character then, thanks to Keefer’s brilliance of fine play I was totally fooled and well; the rest you can find out by reading the novel.  If I had to pick a good example of great dialogue and character play, I would have to say that I particularly loved the interaction between Noah Parks and Steven Thomason and how they evolved through the story in unity, despite their different opinions and their stance; Noah’s thoughts on Thomason is particularly humorous and witty; I am certain you would agree.

The Trust is a gripping read and will not disappoint those who are looking for a modern-day, plot-driven, legal thriller.  It had me second-guessing; what, how, when, who all the time (yes I am an avid plot guesser).  Guaranteed you will not be able to put the book down –and if by chance you happen to do so; it would be done begrudgingly –trust me I should know.

Did I have any quibbles?  Sure I did and still do; but only slight; personally, I would have preferred if the prologue was scattered through the remaining chapters, rather than be there right at the beginning, giving away what to expect; I found the first chapter a far better read, it put questions in my head and that kept me keen to find out more and so I kept turning the pages.  My advice: Skip the prologue and delve in from Chapter One – you will thank me I promise!

Nevertheless, The Trust is a good read; a rare find (in my case) but worth the trouble in seeking it out.  If you want a book that literally says ‘you can’t put me down’ with its unexpected twists and turns then The Trust is for you.

*Friendly Note:  In case you are in the need to ask; nope I did not buy The Trust on Twitter –I’m not quite sure if that is possible/viable/permissible/advisable –in any case it is not something I recommend -the buying from Twitter thought that is; always go through a trusted, reputable source e.g. bookshop or online store like Amazon (I am not quite sure what would I have done had it not been for Amazon -that was my only option; seeing I’m all the way in the UK; as opposed to the physically published books being in the USA).  What a superb idea having The Trust on Amazon; I hazard a guess how deprived I would have been had it not been –on second thoughts –no really and truly I cannot make myself think of that!!!


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