Inspirations vs Priorities

I have moments of clarity; then it seems to fall into a cloud of smoke -usually to my annoyance; as my head tends to be spinning with ideas and I seem to have -on occasion; some difficulty -well, I struggle with getting them to have some coherency -so I battle it out in my head; tossing ideas in one direction then the other; then I come back to my original thought; which then delves into an odd mindset; it evolves; it gets cut; it gets tortured; then revived and finally it takes form in the shape of some mishap ramblings or artistic prose; at times it has its own unique voice and it makes sense; which brings me back to this piece and I sincerely hope, that to some extent this will find its’ way into the land of understanding…

I know, I know; fast thoughts sometimes take too much concentration to understand and digest; the point I really wanted to say was, amidst all these chaotic thought processes I am currently having; I seem to veer towards two main outlets; my novel and my blog.  -Though I am writing this piece on my blog right now; my actual priority these past few days has actually been my novel (I am nearing the 10,000 words mark -woo hoo!  To think I only started a month ago; I’m quietly pleased with my achievement.).  Bearing that in mind I thought I’d update you to where I have gone with my novel and what progress it has taken.

Two Steps Forwards One Step Back and an Unwanted Prologue which forced an Appearance!

Seems to be the direction I am taking; what do I mean?  Well, let me clarify the experience I have had so far with my dabblings’ in novel-writing…  I started off with two dreams; those two dreams evolved into a plausible idea; I thought through how it would work, did some research (yes I know, sometimes research can drag!); then I began to write and came up with an approx. 3000 word outline for the base of the novel -yes that is exactly what I said: Wow!!!  All excited; I started my first chapter (I was told it is very strong.  A vote of confidence pulsed through my veins; I was thinking ‘yay!  I am on the right track!’

I started work on my second chapter; happy and content, I emailed it to my reading buddies and continued with chapter three however; 686 words into Chapter three I came to a halt and there I hit a wall; my very good friend pointed out a couple of flaws in chapter two; it seemed I failed my research!  The Era I picked to start my novel in (Edwardian) clashed with the first sub-plot-point I had; apparently witch hunts were prevalent in the earlier periods of English history -infact, I found out that, witch hunts and trials were stopped by law in the mid-1700s’ hmmm…  I seemed to have shot myself in the foot.  So I stopped and pondered for over a week; my thoughts clouded; I left it and let it fester in the back of my mind…

Yesterday I started a brainstorming session with my sister; we thought about plausible ideas and how I could make this work.  The options were as thus:

  1. Set the Era to an earlier time (the easier and no hassle option -no doubt however; something in the pit of my stomach said no!).
  2. Come up with an idea that will make sense for the current Era (The far most more difficult and brain wearing out exercise ever).

So what do I choose?  Yes you guessed it -rarely do I ever make things easier for myself -I chose option 2!  So we (my sister and I) bounced off ideas back and forth; which resulted in me writing a prologue I didn’t want to write; but it made sense to do so; it actually does bring the story together and gives it a stronger sense of reason -result!  In addition, this prologue has set the way for me to write a chapter before my chapter one -like a prologue of a prologue -but in reality it is a chapter; I confused you again?  No worries, I am just as confused!!!!  I just know this:  I have slaughtered my novel; but am I mad?  Oh no!  In actual fact I am glad; as now it is much stronger; all I need to do is tweak certain bits in the newly named chapter two, three and four then continue to the misty realms of the unknown….

So the current word counts are held as thus:

Prologue: 1116

Chapter One: 642 (WIP)

Chapter Two: 2080 (Needs Adjustment)

Chapter Three: 5332 (Needs Adjustment)

Chapter Four: 686 (WIP)

Total so far: 9856 -I’m jumping up for joy right now -you can’t see?  Oh well that’s a shame!!!!

There you have it; my trials and struggles of getting it right.

Inspiration is a great thing; I love it; however sometimes you just need to focus and set your priorities so you don’t get clouded in those wonderful bouts of creative ideas…  You have to learn to use the ideas to your advantage and not be afraid of change; change is good and having the gut to alter your creation is much much better so just be brave and see where your trails take you and if you like, keep me in the know…   As always, I welcome you to join in with the banter…  For now I best go…

*heads back to work on her novel whilst skipping to ensure there is no delay*


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  1. Wow you’re doing amazing! I can’t believe you wrote all that in one month! Your ideas must have been very strong. I suffer from the same sudden onslaught of ideas, words, and concepts, but they become so different when I try to write them out.

    I JUST started my first novel so this experience is motivating me to push forward! Also, my first chapter is running into weird issues, and I think it might require a prologue as well. I’ve been tossing that one around.

    Good luck and keep going!!

    • Such lovely words -thank you!

      Yes, I do have a strong indication of where I want to go with this novel -ok I confess; my ideas have been sitting in my brain for years and I hadn’t unleashed them; when I threw it (the first dream idea I had) out to friends/family a long while back they just smiled politely -no doubt thinking I was mad- and some even looked at me baffled; saying ‘I’m not sure if that would work…’ so I never pursued it; why did I listen I haven’t a clue! Though it seems, the time was not right back then; I needed to grow as a writer as well as a person and no doubt I had to also wait for the second dream I was meaning to combine it with 🙂 -so in short patience is paying off surely and slowly.

      In order to stay focused, an outline is a must, so if you have one try to stick to and not veer off too much; if you do not have one -stop what you are doing and put one together -preferable with a beginning, middle and end -yes I know that is obvious but, you never know; some people just forget that concept or pretend it does not exist. My current ending for my novel is constantly bouncing off 3 possible options; it changes as I go along and is not concrete as of yet; I guess its good that it is organic for the moment but I worry; a good and satisfying ending is a must and without it my novel will just be lame… *puts on thinking cap*

      Congrats on taking the first steps in starting your novel! *Cheers* I can just imagine your joy. What sort of issues are you running into?

      Ah here comes again that dreaded word: Prologue, now that is something I am loving and hating at the moment… Not so long ago I did a book review (The Trust by Sean Keefer) and recommended not reading the prologue as it did not really add to the story -it just retold what would be happening in the following chapters ahead; having said that, I found it was essential to add a prologue to my novel as something was missing; a years before this took place senario. I think, in essence, if the prologue adds to your story and gives insight to what came before; great; if however, you use it to make sense of what is already on the page and you are repeating yourself then bin it. That’s my current thoughts on the matter of prologue! Hope that helps?

  2. I have Story Engineering by Larry Brooks coming in the mail, and I’m going to solidify an outline with help from that.

    Mostly, I’m getting so confused about POV. I want to use them all! I think when I set up more structure it should be obvious which is best, but I love writing in first person POV so it’s hard for me not to write everything that way. This story is actually pretty appropriate for it, so I might end up sticking with it. My potential prologue is also a years-before scene, but lately I’ve been thinking I might set the whole thing up chronologically and use real calendar dates. Ahh see? So many different possibilities?!

    Thanks for the helpful response, and for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you like it 🙂

    P.S. – I’m following you on Twitter now too!

    • Sara, you seem to be going through the phase I went through initially! I was all up for starting in the middle and having flashbacks -then I wrote my outline and felt it was better writing it in chronological order; yet I still needed a before that; hence the birth of the prologue!

      POV is a difficult one -I always write in first person -I love getting into character, right down to the core -though I know I should extend my writing to other POV -I have been doing so with my joint project at DiRosaYikici -though I don’t think I have mastered it yet!

      Oh you are lovely! I think now would be a good time to pop over and find you on twitter too! 🙂

  3. Keep on keeping on. No matter what mistakes you make in your first draft, you can always fix them in edits. Don’t worry about the right way. You’ll learn that as you go. Just do and don’t quit.

    Oh, by the way, your idea sounds very interesting. Anything supernatural interests me.

    • 🙂 I know it’s best to keep going -but I am a hopeless perfectionist and if something sits in the back of my mind I can’t let it up so I have to go back and work it out till my mind is at peace! I know -its the worst occupational hazards to have!!!

      Thank you for the words of encouragement -I hope I won’t quit -though sometimes my characters come into my dreams and scare me!!! Eak! I didn’t have plans to write a supernatural/fantasy novel but the inspiration came from some unknown source so I could not ignore it -I only hope my writing passion will override the fear factor the WIP sometimes arises in me!

      Thank you for popping by! 🙂

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