Challenge Taken: The Quest for the Hidden Dagger

It’s that time again; another Flash Fiction Challenge; this one I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into to see if I could even touch on something like sabotage -yep Billie Jo Woods has set another exciting challenge Sabotage Sunday!

The Rules:  Write a flash fiction piece of 500 words or less, in any genre you choose and post it on your blog then link it to it in the comments section on Billie Jo’ blog.  The theme is sabotage.  Stories to be ready by May 14th.  If you want to take part there is still time; click on the link above.

This was a lot of fun; I ventured outside my comfort zone a bit; let me know your thoughts on if you sense any aspects of sabotage or not!

Update: I have accidentally also stumbled across Sonia G Mederios‘ blog and noticed my story fits in with the challenge so I’ve taken the challenge there too -albeit this was not initially intentional; it just seems its meant to be!  The challenge is aptly titled: Get Twisted!

The Rules: Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take a trope or cliché from any genre and remake it. 500 words or less!  If you want to partake in this fun; you have until the end of May!

NOTE:  This is exactly 500 words; if I include the title then it is 506!


Carmen disliked the recent popularity Crystal was getting; well to be fair on Carmen, Crystal had taken away her glory, her crown.

“Who would you prefer to see as Queen of hearts…?” her fingers gingerly traced the jaw line of Harry Hart; chief judge and overall seer of the quest.

“Um…  Miss Price…  there are rules that need to be followed…” Harry swallowed; keeping a check on his heart.

“Harry, why the formalities? It’s not like we haven’t been here before…  Everyone’s in favour…”  Crystal inched forward; Harry took a step back and hit his office wall.

Annoyed; Harry found strength in his voice “Mistakes may have happened in the past…  consider it a weakness I have overcome; I will not let you have your way!”

Crystal cocked her head and smiled devilishly “Ah yes…  your resilience comes from your determination to prove you’re worth…” her laughter filled the room.  “Mr Hart, would it help your conscience if you knew I have the aforementioned hidden dagger.”  Crystal’ face was now inches from his.

Harry gulped, he needed his heart medications –the palpitations were becoming unsteady; he concentrated on his breathing “That’s preposterous!  The dagger has been hidden for centuries; no-one knows it’s true resting place –except the chosen one for the quest.”

“Carmen?” Crystal’ voice was electric “The quest has chosen Carmen?!!!” a line formed above her seething eyes; her voice erratic.  “You choose Carmen over me?!

“Carmen comes from a long lineage of Royalty; it’s a natural choice.”

Smoke filled Crystal’ eyes –then in an instant it cleared and a smug smile took its place.  She reached into her bag -which was resting on Harry’ desk- she pulled out a chain which had a delicate gold dagger attached as a pendent; embellished with jewels of every kind.  She tapped it once; an assortment of light filtered through the jewels in the dagger.  She tapped it twice; the chain wrapped itself around her neck.

Harry’ eye bulged in shock “Ho-how did you get a hold of that?” his voice was a mere whisper.

“Did Carmen not tell you?” a mocking tone was resonant in her voice.  Harry shook his head slowly.  Bemused; Crystal smiled “Carmen was a little careless; but I am disappointed in you; you were meant to be the pillar in our society –the one with morals –though you failed that task in our last encounter.”  Her fierce eyes settled on his ghostly face.  “All these lies you have fed us!  What was Carmen’s offering?  Fast track into her bloodline?!”

“It’s not like that…” Harry knew the battle was lost; he needed to salvage something –anything!

Carmen stormed in through the door “You have something that is mine; I want it back!” she said through gritted teeth.

“Having the dagger handed to you on a platter does not give you automatic rights over it; you have to earn it to keep it!” Crystal retorted in defiance “You want it come and get it!”

So forth the quest began.


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  1. It is great that you combined both challenges, Sonia is known to do that herself. I think sabotage played a very big role in this story. I can certainly see why Carmen was not pleased with Crystal. Thanks for joining in and well done!

  2. Good story! I want to know more about it though.

    • Thank you 🙂 I see your point Sonia; there is a potential to develop it further; now let me see where it goes… I have an idea but thought I’d ask: Where do you see it going? 🙂

  3. Oooh! I’m interested to see where it goes too (couldn’t begin to guess where though…I tend to figure out most of my stories as I’m writing them…I’m such a pantser)! And I do love combining challenges too. Sometimes the challenges bounce around inside my head and the collide to form something I just have to write down. It might be kind of fun to see how many challenges one could fit into a single short story. 😀

    • I totally agree Sonia challenging challenges must be the way to go -this was fun -I know it was not intentional to combine the two from the onset but I am considering it for the next ones. You definately are thinking on the right tracks (thinking outside of the box is always so liberating!)

      Thank you for your lovely comments; I think I will try and expand on this soon -alongside my WIP. I’ll have a think about it more -I think I am a mix of a plotter and a panster; I plot initially then have a semi outline then delve right in and see where my words take me… 🙂

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