Challenge Taken: My Safe Haven

I have been a little quiet lately -please accept my apologies -had a case of food poisoning so I had to rest -fortunately I am well now so I can get back to my writings.  Last week I was actually working on two other Flash Fiction Challenges when this one just leapt out and surprised me, Ken Broad over on Fictional Campfire has devised a cunning plan; he is incorporating imagery to entice our imaginations to run wild; being an artist at heart this challenge instantly caught my eye; words just flowed quicker than I could imagine.  Ken did it  again!  He seems to have a knack of forcing me to write without any reason!  -This is a good thing -I just wanted to point it out as this is another piece that I just simply had to write in one go without really truly thinking too much about it.  I am begining to wonder if Ken has some kind of secret spell cast that just invites people to write, write, write!

So yep, I have taken another challenge and here it is in Ken’s words: “Your job (should you dare) to write a story of no more than 500 words in any genre that might be inspired by that picture.”

So here it is in just over 500 words (656 excluding the title 659 including the title) *blushes*

My Safe Haven

It always felt safer here; ever since…  It’s better than the woods –though being outside made me feel more alive; the freshness of the air; the crisp sounds; crystal clear –regardless of the time…  I miss it sometimes; on days like this I miss it more…  I crawl out of the dark crevice in the wall in the cloisters where I was squatting in; I peer around the corner of the stone wall towards the entrance; the fog had lifted –finally!  The sun was beaming through the tall narrow stained-glass windows; I would be safer today.  I smile; the first smile, in what felt like, weeks; I had done it!

A thought creeps into my mind…

I could step out…

No!  That’s just plain foolish!

They won’t know.

Are you sure?

-I quiver ever so slightly.

-They can’t get in; we’re protected in these walls; the abbey was centuries old; years since any religious ceremonies took place, years since…

I look down the long corridor; I needed to get back to my room; I was unable to get back the last two days; something was not right…

I flinched.

They couldn’t have gotten in.

How certain are you?

Doubt crept in.

No they just couldn’t!  -We secured it; we –I cast the spell.

Terror filled my eyes as I glimpsed something in the corner of my eye.

No!  It just can’t!!!  The sun’s out; it’s safe –safe for us -safe for me –that’s the rules!

A chill sweeps through my body; I stiffen; awaiting; dreading…

No!  No!  No!!!

“Caroline!  Where are you?!!!”

Relief.  I am annoyed –what’s she doing out!  She’s not meant to be here!

I look towards the voice…

Did she see me?

Surely not –there’s time to run; she must not see I am out this far.

I scuttle towards the other side of the long hall; glancing back once making sure.

“Not so quick!” two iron cold hands clasp my sides; I’m pulled off the floor.

-What the f-  I didn’t see him –how is this possible?!!!

I try to wriggle to get loose as he brings me closer to his dark face.

I’m staring at his nose.

-Must avoid the eyes –must avoid the eyes!

“You are a live wire –aren’t you!” he hisses.

I sink into my skin.

Now would be a good time to remember that spell!

“Patience is not my speciality” his words bit into me.

“Oh there you are!”

I didn’t know which voice I preferred at this moment; hers or his.

Her steps softened as she reached me, then she stalled.  I could not hear her, but sensed she was aware of the predicament I was in.

“Why are you in mid-air?” her voice croaked in fear.

He looked past me towards her.

No!  He mustn’t –it’s not allowed!

I struggle; his grip tightens; he drops me.

Ow! Ow! Ow!!!  Of all the places I could land; I get dropped on loose, sharp shards of concrete! Ow!


I look back at her horror inflicted eyes; staring down on me; he is inches from her; she cannot see the unknowing fate approaching her; she’s fixated on me, not understanding how I fell from the sky.

I close my eyes

“Time is still,

you cannot kill,

rewind time,

till all is fine.”

“You can not run forever” his haunting voice echoes in my mind.

“Caroline –oh Caroline –dinner is getting cold!”

I open my eyes; fully aware I’m back in my room; two days before it starts all over again.  Caught in a limbo; between two worlds; where I know my fate is heading towards and where I want to be.  This is my safe haven; my limbo; I know where I am, I know how to control it; it’s the safest it can be.

–I need to make it safer!


“I’m coming!” I hastily reply.

I will consider all my options –we will be safe!


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5 Responses to “Challenge Taken: My Safe Haven”

  1. Hope you are feeling better! I like the concept of this story, the rewinding of time and the reliving of it again is spooky.

    • Oooh cool it made sense then! 🙂 I had a complex of ideas of how to play this out; I thought the less complexity would work better with the limited word count; having said that I see this developing into something more… ideas are coming to me!

      Thank you for your well wishes -I am feeling much better 🙂

  2. Wow! How do you manage to bring a reader into a story that is already in act II, but have them just seem to know what has gone on before!

    I have to wonder how she finally makes it safe. I hope you do expand this story.

    As for all the nice things you mentioned about me, thank you. Now I’ll have to practice my “spells” too! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh Ken that is such a lovely comment -I truly do not know what to say. Thank you. When a story finds a way to work it is so special and to have that appreciated by the reader is an added bonus!
      I’d like to develop this further; have lots of ideas; let’s see where this leads to -you and your spells! 🙂

      Thank you for the opportunity to write this.

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