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It’s been over a week since my last post (week and a half to be exact!); I know -it was not intentional; I had planned various interesting topics to share with you however, my body decided it was not going to take part in any of it!  Unfortunately a selection of migraines, flu-like symptoms and the suspected food poisoning episode evaded my life!  I took a variety of herbal remedies, recommended bouts of rest, a food diet -all good for the flu and food poisoning but I had to succumb and take the dreaded painkillers I was hoping to avoid -my migraines would not go away any other way -I even woke up to that pain!!!  I tell you it is not a good thing to go through.

Elusive Shadows - Photography by yikici Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.

I am happy to let you know that today was the first day when I was able to function normally and write amongst other things!  My writing suffered more because of the headaches than anything else -the pc’s screen was just too painful no matter how I tried to make it duller; this was why I have been elusive; it was not my intention to disappear without a word…  Anyway, enough of all of that; let’s get back to what my plans are.

I am in the midst of putting a timetable/schedule together for the random posts I plan to feature here whilst I mull over the possibility of going self-hosting (see earlier post Self-Hosting – My Trials and Tribble-ations); I have a few ideas on the go such as random thoughts, daily life, challenges, creative moments, philosophical discussions, guest blogger, writerly wisdom, things to think about, something fun, etc…  I am undecided at this precise moment in time and so I thought I’d ask you and see if you like the ideas above or have other suggestions to make…  I’d love to hear your ideas as this blog is not just about me (I agree -mainly it’s me but -) it’s about you too (what?  Is it a tad corny?  -I guess it is, oh well).

Whilst I let you ponder on the themes for the weekly/fortnightly/monthly posts; I wanted to draw your attention back to the photograph above; aptly titled ‘Elusive Shadows’ -I know I said there would be no more treats until further notice -I just wanted to redeem myself for the lack of appearance I’ve shown here; it’s not much but I thought this fitted the topic nicely.  In addition I have a little fun post in the writing for Friday -so all being well (me not suffering) I hope to share with you the delights of Nutella Cake and my personal vendetta against it…  If you want to find out more keep your eye out for the magical appearance of it during the day of Friday 3rd June 2011…

Before I call it a night and catch up on my beauty sleep (that’s what i’d like to call it); I wanted to say a HUGE Thanks to the lovely people on Twitter -especially the #MyWANA crew* -you guys are fab -thank you all for your well wishes for me to get better and suggested ailments for me to try (alas they did not work -but I really appreciated the suggestions).

*@catie_rhodes @kaitnolan @BillieJoWoods @wrytersblockDH @TerrellMims @KristenLambTX @shelliesakai @MarcyKennedy @manon_eileen (You are stars -twinkly twinkly stars!  I hope I have not missed anyone out -if I have please accept my apologies and let yourself be known to me.) -Oooo I must not forget: @stacygreen26 @SoniaGMedeiros


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  1. If you suffer from migraines, you might want to ask your Doctor about botox. Seriously. It does work. My wife has been getting botox injections for the last year, and it’s made a huge difference to her quality of life.


    • There seems to be mixed reviews on Botox’ effectiveness on migraines; besides having a sensitive body make-up I’m wary of such treatments; I may look into Chiropractitioners. Thank you for the suggestion though.

      • I’d avoid the chiropractors. I know of too many cases where they’ve done damage. In Canada they tend to be limited in what they can claim. In England they got away with murder (literally) until Simon Sigh wrote an article about them, and the British Chiropractic Association sued. I’d suggest reading the Wikipedia article, and then following through to the Guardian story it is based on.


      • Wayne, you are certainly have a strong knowledge base, thank you for the link; that was very interesting. I will think carefully before committing to anything; the world has many ailments; but not all of them are safe, as you have pointed out. We have to make informed choices at all times.

        I have a lot of beef with regards to the Health Services and Medical Science; one of these days I will write about it.

  2. Ozlem, I’m glad you’re feeling better!! Thanks for the shout out, all the best! ^_^

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