Getting Organised!

We are now in the early hours of Tuesday instead if Monday -I know I had promised to unveil the schedule yesterday; I had an odd day -and now I am extremely tired.  Before I disappear into the land of Zzzzzzz’s I wanted to let you know I have put together the schedule for the blog; What to Expect (The Schedule) -I’d be interested to hear what you think of what I have come up with and if you can envision it working 🙂

This post was intended as part of the Monday’s Meandering Muse; which will mean the next scheduled post will be on Wednesday; until Whimsical Wednesday Writings takes off; I will use this slot to post the flash fictions I have taken part in; so keep an eye out for the Shadowy Sunday Flash Fiction I have attempted, it will be here and visible on Wednesday!

Have a great evening/night -I better go before I yawn…

*switches off laptop and flops onto the bed and starts dreaming*


~ by yikici on June 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Getting Organised!”

  1. I like your new ideas. The two spots will strike a perfect balance and will not be too hard of a schedule to stick to. Good luck!

  2. Sorry, I meant to say to start with and build upon. I tried to revamp my whole paid job’s blog schedule all at once. I wish I had added two new features the first week or two and then gradually added the others. Instead I went straight to the four posts a week. It was hard to develop all that material at once. Now I am caught up though and am working on material a week in advance.

    • Ah -I see 🙂 that makes sense. I must admit initially I was being ambitious and planned 7 posts a week -then had a rethink; I thought fortnightly posts were far more realistic; now we will see if that is a sensible option. I’d be interested to have a peek at your work blog.

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