Challenge Taken: Shadowy Sunday

Whimsical Wednesday Writings:  Another day another challenge -I know you all secretly missed the challenges; so I thought I’d combine a flash fiction challenge with the next installment of the storyline I planned for DiRosaYikiciWhere There’s a Will There’s a Way.  I only hope this meets the theme ‘Shadows’ -let me know what you think.

Here is the mentioned challenge:  Last week Billie Jo set a new flash fiction challenge: Shadowy Sunday; the rules are as follows:  The theme for the next two weeks is shadows. Your story can be up to 1000 words in any genre you wish. It must somehow contain the theme of shadows. Anyone is welcome to join in. Just post a link to your story in the comments section so we know where to go looking for it.  The deadline is 19th June 2011; so if you want to participate then you still have time.

For the ever so inquisitive the word count is: 959, with the title it is: 966 -Enjoy!

(As always there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)


I opened my eyes, it was pitch black, my eyes focused on the patterns forming above me; small dots started to spray in quick succession –like a kaleidoscope with less colour; I blinked my eyes; conscious I was still in bed –possibly still early morning; I could hear the sound of the odd cars driving past; I turned over and closed my eyes; I willed myself to sleep, it was still too early to get up; I should not have taken the medication; it seemed to have some adverse effect on my sleep patterns.

I need to sleep; why can’t I sleep!   I wondered to myself; annoyed –I had the weirdest day, totally wore me out, I was shattered; I needed to sleep, I had to sleep!

The warm heat of the sun breathed on my skin as Rob gently massaged in the sunscreen on my back; I smiled, I knew where I was –our honeymoon, a secluded beach along the Mauritius coast.  He was drawing something on my back –no, it felt like writing; he wanted me to guess what he was spelling out –this was our favourite game.  I closed my eyes in concentration as he brushed my hair aside in order to make space for the writing.

“Ready?” he whispered into my ear.

“As always” I challenged.

His finger made an upward stroke, stopped then moved back down in a slight angle, up again and then firmly scribed back down.

“M!” I declared “That was easy!” I beamed.

He chuckled teasingly; “We’ll soon see how you will fair”.

The next 3 letters were simple to grasp; a, r, y –we played this game so many times it was just a breeze.  Next came: l, e, b, o, n, e.  Apparently that was the first word.  I collected my thoughts; that would spell Marylebone –now that sounded familiar; I racked my brains why that was so…

I’m holding a black address book –Rob’s address book; I read and re-read the following:

Marylebone Hotel,

47 Wellbeck Street,

Mayfair, London

Tuesday the 15th October 2010 @ 1pm

I lifted my head to search for Rob; I didn’t understand why he handed me this; he looked at me from the driver’s seat; confused, I looked down and saw I was sitting in the passenger seat; buckled in.  It was dark, we were driving down a country lane; I could not depict where exactly we were.  I looked back at Rob; he was staring ahead; focused on the road, his dark curls blowing in the wind.  I tried to call out to him, to grab his attention but, the words just stuck in my throat.  He turned and looked at me puzzled; his warm blue eyes turned brown and cold.  I was staring aghast at Anton!

He grinned at me menacingly.  “I think there is something you need to tell me.”

In total calmness, I unbuckled myself and reached for the door.

He swerved the car as I tried to get out.  “Oh no you don’t!”

He reached out and grabbed my arm, I struggled to free myself; I kicked and punched where I could –I found myself flying out of the car seat;  through the windscreen; I was thrust against a tree and fell with a thump to the floor.  I tried to scramble to my feet; my hands mixed with the gravel on the ground and pieces of shattered glass; drops of red blood dripped to the floor; I couldn’t understand what it could be from –I could not register the fact that I may be hurt -though I felt a searing pain on my forehead; I glanced up; that’s when I saw Rob’ screaming eyes in the burning car –my body froze, I tried to move, I could not; darkness surrounded me as the smoke and fumes from the car engulfed my space.  Something gripped my arm –I screamed!  Nothing came out.  I tried to pull my arm free but it tugged me harder.  Panic enveloped me in the darkness; with all my might I moved my feet away from the thing yanking my arm; I dragged it with me; it wrapped itself around my waist –I jolted up from my bed; my eyes wide; a scream reaching my throat as my eyes came face to face with a set of dark black eyes staring back at me.  I froze; I knew I was no longer dreaming –though I wish I was; the nightmare would be favourable to the nightmare that I would now have to face.  My scream fell short as he lunged at me and placed his hand over my mouth –I could not breathe!  My teeth bit onto tough leather –he pushed me against the headboard; his hand around my throat; I let out a wheeze.

“Don’t ever come snooping in my flat again –unless you want the same fate as your beloved husband!” he threatened.

I gulped with horrification.  I closed my eyes fearing the worst as his grip tightened around my neck.


I waited; hoping –no I willed that I would wake from this dream…  I opened my eyes, I was alone in my room; nothing stirred in the muggy night.  I began hyperventilating; what happened!  Am I going mad!!!  He was just here!

Breathe I commanded to myself;

I refused to comply;

Breathe!  I demanded to myself.

I did.

I edged out to the side of the bed, searching for my slippers –not sure what I was planning to do.  Something crashed into me –or rather I was bashed into something –it felt like a fist; it was bony –my head twisted as I toppled to my side and hit the edge of the bed as I fell to the floor.


To find out what came before please head off to DiRosaYikici -as ever I love hearing your thoughts so please leave a comment and let me know if it works or not -if you want to comment on the DiRosaYikici blog, you can do that too. 🙂

Pdf document: Challenge Taken – Shadowy Sunday


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  1. The action is really happening in this story now! Can’t wait to find out what comes next.

    • 😀 yes I’m curious too to what will happen next; we will have to wait and see what my partner in crime Di Rosa comes up with!

      You think I even got close with taking in the shadows -I decided to not take it literally and played on elements of dark -kind of film noir(esque) -if that makes sense?!!

  2. I’ve passed an award on to your blog. Considering the name and photo of the award, maybe I should have posted it in your entry about Nutella Cake!

    Also, don’t feel that you have to do everything the award says if you don’t feel like it.

    • Oh wow! This is my second award!!! Thank you, you are too kind -I will pop by and have a look now! 🙂

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  4. […] I was hoping to have put together another flash fiction piece for today’s post but due to the unaccounted events as mentioned above, this was not meant to be so Ken Broad’ Challenge will have to wait until Saturday.  Whilst we are waiting for that, I wanted to let you into a few secrets to why I love these challenges and why I take part as much as I can.  Challenges –as the word rightly says, it’s a challenge –something to sink your teeth into, something to make your brains tick and force you to think ‘outside the box’ and mainly something to get all those creative juices flowing!  Above all, it’s fun!  There has been times when flash fiction challenges has helped me strengthen a particular plot in my WIP or help me understand it a bit better; it has also been a great aid for me to add a gripping twist to my addition to the DiRosaYikici storyline Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (here’s that particular excerpt). […]

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