Dalai Lama, Faux Pas and You

Frivolous Fun Friday*:  I was pondering on a topic to share with you today when I came across this:  Dalai Lama Pizza Joke (did you not click to view?!  I think you need to rewind and have a quick peek -its just over a minute and absolutely hilarious -I really feel for Karl Stefanovic (the TV presenter); it was a true comic moment which he dealt with professionalism and dignity(ish) -the Dalai Lama with his humble mannerism was just too kind and responded by saying “Theoretically possible” despite his innocence of not understanding the joke; a classic moment of humility and reverence); this light-hearted occasion made me think of moments where I have had been in an initially embarrassing situation then, when I look back in hindsight, those events become quite comical and amusing.

There have been a few moments -well plenty -if I were to be honest; my selective memory may serve me better here. 🙂

One of those ‘rare’ moments were when I worked in retail and was answering a phone enquiry; a customer wanted to speak to one of my colleagues about a delivery; so naturally asked for my colleagues name; in order to put her through.

“Sandra” (for anonymity purposes I have used a different name).

The store was loud “Kim?” I asked

“No, Sandra” she said.

The line crackled “Kim?” I asked still adamant I was speaking in English.

“Sandra!” she stated patiently

Realisation set it *embarrassed and cheeks blush to an unwanted crimson* “Oh silly me!  I was speaking to you in Turkish” I explained.

Silence -I’m certain she began to wonder what the hell was going on.

“You see, kim means who in Turkish” I tried to salvage my dignity.

“Oh…” more silent pauses -the sense of humour I was looking for didn’t materialize.

Not wanting to prolong it but also falling in danger of bursting into giggling fits; in a squeaky tone I managed “Ok, one second let me put you through to Sandra.”

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome.”  Call connected.

End of conversation and the start of my laughter begins’ with bewildering customers and colleagues looking at me!


Another time I was shopping in John Lewis with my cousin and I was admiring some lovely ceramic dinnerware with ornate strawberry designs; I accidently bumped into a gentleman and instantly spluttered out the word “Strawberry!” instead of sorry -Strawberry?!!  Really?!!!  I’m not sure what he thought but my embarrassment was soooo high I only briefly glanced at him before walking away quickly -I’m certain he looked bewildered! -I would have done so -had I been on the receiving end of that… “Strawberry!” It doesn’t even have the same number of syllables!

I have many incidents like these to tell -those I will leave for another day.

Do you have similar stories to share?  Have you been in a situation where you made a silly faux pas which caused you some embarrassment but now you find when you look back it you can laugh about it?  I’d love to hear your anecdotes.


pdf document: Dalai Lama, Faux Pas and You

*I want to apologise for the lateness of the post (the past few days has been a little overwhelming and I have had moments where looking at the pc screen was a bit too much; so this has been put together as best I as I could); I hope it has been worth the wait.


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  1. Would you believe me if I said that Karl Stefanovic is like that everyday! When he received the Gold Logie his year (Australia’s biggest award for a television personality) he thanked his wife by telling the world she had a great arse (I’m not kidding) and of course after last year’s Logie awards he was still drunk for his morning show (very amusing). Oh and a few months ago he was interviewing Ricki Lee (singer) and asked how she was enjoying married life only for his co-host to elbow him in the ribs and whisper – they are no longer together. At least I get to wake up everymorning and laugh at how ridiculous he is!

    • Lol! Jody you are a very lucky person to have such great entertainment every morning! 😀 He does seem to have genuine relaxed personality -a rarity found in today’s celebrities (they always have to uphold and image etc). This clip just made me giggle -I think I need to find more clips of Karl Stefanovic -now I am intrigued knowing it was not a one off moment! 🙂

      This is a good reminder for us: We are all human! 🙂

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