Grooming of Another Kind: Kill Me if You Can

Thursday’s Topical Tête-à-Tête:  Exploitation through the internet and internet ‘grooming’ is something we are all becoming aware of as the days/weeks/months/years pass by; it is frightening to acknowledge such atrocities are taking place; especially when it involves an innocent child/adolescent.  This topic disturbs me to no end therefore, I will not delve too much into it as the direction I want to take is slightly different from the normal discussions surrounding this; however, similarities are likely to be observed.

(As always there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

I watched a documentary last week oddly titled Kill Me If You Can (please click on the link (it has a blurb and discussion feed) and take a quiet moment to watch it (or watch it below) -it’s 49 minutes long but it is a must see; I promise you it would be worth your time); why did I watch it?  Other than the blurb and the title, the way in which the documentary was filmed piqued my interest (sometimes creativity rules over everything else!); so I watched it till the end and then it got me thinking…  (If you still haven’t watched it, now would be the perfect time -unless you are happy about possible spoilers!)

To this day I still wonder if this was a work of fiction rather than an actual criminal case!

Here is a classic example of how modern day technology; films, video games, internet, etc… can play havoc with an innocent child’s mind.  I sometimes wonder if too much information is doing more harm than good.  For instance, take John and Mark; both teenagers, both happy-go-lucky-types, both bored to an extent that they both resort to the Internet to make friends -all normal teenage behaviour I hear you say; yes very true -that is the worrying aspect of it, as you do not realise what is actually going on in their minds (bear in mind I am not saying we need to know everything that goes on within a child’s -or any persons head; as that is unethical).  I just wonder if we have come to an era where fiction and reality just blur beyond reason.  When I was studying Fine Art with Related Arts at University; one of our subjects were Postmodernism and there we discussed art forms -be it written or visual, taking shape where the lines of reality and fiction/imagination becomes a blur; at that time I thought it was absurd (people could not be so naive to not know the difference) but I also thought it was plausible for artistic creation.  I would never have guessed that this could actually become a scary reality!  The story of John and Mark is a good example of this.  John masterminds a story so evocative, so enticing -that despite it being far-fetched, Mark is reeled in to the extent that he takes the bait; he believes he is a special agent and working for Queen and country!

[Hold on -stop, think; is this a novel?  A film?  A computer game?  Sounds like it might be -right?  Errr, WRONG!]

John; with is overactive imagination (brought on from boredom, malicious intent, perhaps a mental disorder or maybe even none of the above) manages to weave something fitting to be a classic tale, great viewing or game play -something us creative types try to do all the time; the only difference is John makes it a reality with unsavoury outcomes!  In some weird aspect John ‘grooms’ Mark to become his puppet; Mark performs acts as he is coaxed by John through various aliases; the net has widened; alongside paedophiles we now also need to keep an eye out for youngsters like John!  Could all these be an overspill of the information we feed our children (be it real, fiction or combined); are we creating a world -a bubble where it is impossible to separate fiction from the real world?  Or is this just an occurrence that is so rare it is not worth the thought?  Rare maybe, but it’s something we should not dismiss.

I believe this is a very unique case with many layers; one of which makes me wonder if John could possibly have a mental disorder that inclines him to have schizophrenic tendencies (apparently conclusive diagnosis for schizophrenia can only be made when adults are aged between 18-35; symptoms of schizophrenia are too similar to young adolescent/children’s’ behaviour see Difficulties in diagnosing schizophrenia.  What do you think?  How else could this make sense?

There are so many possibilities to why this terrible tale has taken shape as it has; I can only merely touch on some aspects to why this may be so with my understanding of the human psyche.  This would be worthy of a more lengthy analyses. I would be interested to hear what you have to say; be it about the crime, the children, the world at large, creative freedom and how it may affect our readers, etc…  Please share your thoughts; as the saying goes: All good discussions start with just one word.

pdf. document:  Grooming of Another Kind – Kill Me if You Can

For additional links on Kill Me If You Can please visit Sue Thomas’ blog (she was interviewed about the case before it was the film was made into a documented film).


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  1. Wow, it’s a good idea to include a pdf file! 🙂

    So.. omg, I’m DYING to see this video but.. I’m on a computer that wouldn’t let me turn on the sound. Of all the days this should happen now?? From what I can gather from your post, this is something I have to see, so I’ll make a mental note for next time I’m online and I can turn the sound on. As for schitzophrenic tendencies… well, one of the types of schitzophrenia is paranoid schitzophrenia where the patient suffers delusions of grandeur, so maybe. I’ll have to watch the video first. This is an interesting topic and I’ll def. come back to it soo. 😉 Thanks, Ozlem!

    • You are welcome Violeta 🙂

      I guess it’s a case of sods law!!! It is definitely worth the watch; I was riveted to my seat and could not believe the direction the story was heading; it is something that can mess with your mind (how, why and what the heck -is the questions that come to mind.) I’d be interested to hear your thoughts; this has a potential to be studied in great depth -if only I had the time!

      *I have noticed that pdf documents are a necessity when it comes to dark background themes -trust me to be awkward!

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