Awards? -Aww *Blushes* -You Shouldn’t Have!

Saturday’s Showcase Sketches:  I am at a loss for words…  I ventured into the blogging world mid-March (15th March 2011 to be exact) my first post was aptly called Heya -what can I say -it was my first post that stepped out into vast unknown!  I digress!  I thought I had been blogging for four months or so; I have just realised (now that I have done the calculations!) it was three months on 15th June 2011!  Therefore, to be awarded ‘The Versatile Blogger‘ award by Sonia G Medeiros and The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by Walking The Pattern has made me quite humble and I am touched to be considered for such credit in such a short time; Walking The Pattern & Sonia -a HUGE Thank You is going your way -THANK YOU!

These images are subject to Copyright (I am not the owner of these designs; I have used Photoshop to only modify the colourings and create a simple overlay; this is so the two images compliment one and other as well as the theme).

It is true what Sonia says in her post on the community; blogging is a community -one I was not aware of until now!  So it makes sense to acknowledge great bloggers -this is why I accept the award and am happy to follow the following rules/conditions of the award:*

(As always there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

To Validate the Award; the Following has to be Observed & Actioned:

  • Thank and link your post to awarder (Achieved -see above).
  • List 7 things about yourself. (Oooer -I must put on thinking cap!)
  • Pass the word on to 15 other bloggers (I’m not sure if I know 15 bloggers -but I will do my best to list those whose blogs I visit regularly and enjoy the content).

Seven Things about Moi:

  1. Asides from writing; I love to paint (as in Art & Paintings) -oils in particular; I consider myself more of an artist than a writer -I guess that’s mainly for the fact that I studied Fine Art with Related Arts more than anything else; still Artist has a lovely ring to it -so an Artist I am!
  2. I am very particular in how my tea is brewed -especially when making English Tea; (it needs to be the right colour consistency and needs adequate milk for taste) therefore in most instances I volunteer to make my own tea -it would be a shame if I have to tip the tea away if not brewed properly!
  3. When writing I subconsciously miss out small (sometimes big) words -I do not notice the missed words if I read it back in my head -therefore, I have to read what I have written out loud when editing in order to spot these missed words; they can be terrors to find!  I am certain you will spy these ‘omissions’ at times -when you do (notice how I am certain of this); do let me know so I can make the required corrections. 🙂  -I also have a tendency to switch letters or digits around such as:  hello = helol or 1976 = 1967 I eventually work out the misspelt word however; the digits prove a challenge -especially if it is a telephone number -can you see the wrong dialled numbers in your mind?!!
  4. I have been known to slip in Turkish words in sentences when speaking to someone in English and vice versa!  Sometimes I get the sense that that word is ‘English’ or ‘Turkish’ -it’s only when the recipient is baffled by my talk do I realise something is at foot -you have been warned!
  5. I’m a people’s person; I love chatting and engaging with most people -though public speaking is something I favour less; it brings out a nervous side that I cannot control -I think this may have been heightened more when I was part of a presentation group at University and had to dress up in a jesters outfit as I was the only person who could fit into it (being 5 foot has its advantages and disadvantages!).  To top it all; I had the longest speech and the squeakiest voice (that’s how it sounded to me) -pair that with my fear -I read it in super-speed; needless to say I try my best to avoid such scenarios.
  6. I currently work in Social Care (Support Worker for the elderly and vulnerable adults); a job which is varied and keeps me on my toes with the colourful customers I engage with; it is a job I love and cherish dearly however, the last 2-3 years has caused me undue stress and has caused negative impact and implications on my health; now I am having to consider alternative career paths for myself.  Sometimes what you love is not always good for you.  I am hoping writing will not become like that as it has literally become my saviour these past few months!  Another reason why I am loving the award Sonia and Walking The Pattern has given me -Thank you!
  7. On a positive note; my claim to fame (if you want to call it that):  During my retail years (I am lucky to have worked with some of the best: TopShop/TopMan, Daisy & Tom, Selfridges & Harrods) I have served several stars -including A-listers -here’s a few names: Isla Fisher (seen at Top Shop), Patsy Palmer (served at Daisy & Tom), Cat Deeley (served at Selfridges), Martin Kemp (served at Selfridges), Angelina Jolie (served at Selfridges) and Pierce Brosnan (served at Harrods) amongst others -I may write a post solely on this in the near distant future; I need to ponder a bit more and see if I want to share my experiences…

So that’s a sneak peek into moi!  Now for choosing 15 bloggers for this delightful award…

The Lucky and Very Talented Irresistibly Sweet Versatile Bloggers:

  1. Manon Eileen – Manon Eileen
  2. Sara Grambusch’ Blog – Sarasexpletives
  3. Stacy Green – Stacy Green
  4. Kenneth ‘Ken’ Broad – Fictional Campfire & Otherside of 40
  5. Billie Jo Woods – Out of the Woods
  6. Val Erde – Absurd Old Bird (subject to acceptance)**
  7. Anne Mhari Simpson – Anne-Mhari Simpson
  8. Violeta Nedkova – Lyn Midnight
  9. PW Creighton – PW Creighton
  10. M.E. Anders – MEAnderFits
  11. Amber West – Wosushi

That’s all I can muster now (I’m too tired) -besides I prefer number 11 to 15!

A little note to the lovely selected bloggers above; this award has taken a form of mutation; where these are two separate awards, I have decided to amalgamate them into one award (hence The Irresistibly Sweet Versatile Blog Award).  Now listen up, this is your chance to choose the award you want (if any); you can take the combined award as it is; or if you prefer to be considered as a Versatile Blogger or just an Irresistibly Sweet Blogger; then that is fine too; you will just have to go to the respected blogs to pick up the related image/award for your post.

*I know not everyone likes getting these awards; especially when they have conditions attached to them; a somewhat chain letteresque -well, more like a chain award feel.  Therefore, if you ignore it I will understand (well I will try to understand); but will secretly hope you will be overjoyed to receive the award(s).  All in all; I believe this a fun way of acknowledging the hard work bloggers do (and blogging is hard work!).  So thank you all for delightful readings.

**Before I disappear; I wanted to reach out to Val Erde over at Absurd Old Bird; I know you have moments where you love and hate awards so I will not hand this over if you do not want it; I just wanted to let you know I think you blog is fab and enjoy visiting when time allows me to do so.

pdf document: Awards -Aww Blushes -You Shouldn’t Have


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16 Responses to “Awards? -Aww *Blushes* -You Shouldn’t Have!”

  1. Aw thanks! I AM blushing 🙂 What a great group of bloggers to be included in!

    I had a job in social work that took all my emotional energy as well. That type of work is very demanding. Keep writing!

    • You are welcome 🙂 You have great blog; I love the way you write, it’s refreshing!

      Social work is great but tough -you need to be thick-skinned in order to survive; that was lacking in me. I won’t quibble though; had it not been for this work and its negative impact I would not be here writing! Sometimes things just fall into place when it is time to move on.

  2. Aww I am excited!!! ^_^ I’ll take it. Thank you so much for giving me an award, I’m always happy when that happens (not that it happens too often, lol). I’ll select my winners as soon as I can and link back. thanks again!

    • Excellent! And you are very welcome; I enjoy popping by your blog and having a wander when I want a break. 🙂 Awards are great -shows you are doing something right! I look forward to reading what you write about the awards! 🙂

  3. Wow! I love being in such good company!

    I received these awards recently from someone else, so I will see if I can come up with a new way to acknowledge these on the blog.

    Really appreciate the award and the thoughts behind it!

    • You are very welcome Amber! 🙂

      I am lucky to have stumbled across such great writers and bloggers. I think it is only fair to acknowledge your hard work. Awards are fun! I guess in some ways we are expected to write Thank You speeches -that’s what it must be all about; all those conditions!

      Keep the great work spinning; when the pc screen is not too much for me I will pop by have a read and maybe even comment! 🙂 I look forward to see what you come up with.

  4. Thanks so much for listing me 😀 I really, really appreciate it <3. I'm not going to participate in the chain thing (as I hope you'll understand!) but I will definitely include it in my mashup today 😀

    Thanks so much Ozlem! 😀

    • Manon, it was pleasure to list you; your posts always make my brain tick and think deeper into the human psyche as well as other engaging topics!

      -Oh before I forget… *I am trying to understand* 😛

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  6. Aww, thanks for thinking of me and including me in your fabulous list of bloggers!

    I know what you mean about slipping between Turkish and English to a certain degree. I sometimes use the British spellings, phrases or words for things and sometimes the American. I only realise my error when someone looks at me funny or questions what I mean.

    • Billie Jo -did you not already know that you were part of that fab list?!!! *looks stunned* I love what you write and your Flash Fiction Challenges and stories always keep me on my toes so thank you! 🙂

      As for the English/American words and phrases -I can see how that is annoying; I am glad there is someone out there who understand my predicament! I wrote two anecdotes about this on my post about the Dalai Lama -it still makes me giggle!

  7. Wow – thanks for the award. I’ll look at the instructions to accept it. 🙂

  8. Very belated thank you for this, Yikici !!
    I’ll see what I can do… 🙂

  9. […] for now, let’s see…. Yikici has gracefully awarded me two awards, one of which I already have and the other I’d never […]

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