Challenge Issued: Triptych Blues

This a gentle reminder of the Flash Fiction Challenge I issued last week (it’s literally a copy from 21st June 2011 post with amended bits in it -mainly the clarified rules); I have amended the rules slightly as I believe it was not too clear; I hope you can take part and enjoy the challenge!

Tuesday’s Triptych Tapestry:  Yes, you read the title correctly; I am issuing you with a challenge -a Flash Fiction Challenge (should you accept it)!  As you already know, the last two months I have taken part in some fabulous Flash Fiction Challenges which were issued by fellow bloggers: Billie Jo Woods, Sonia G. Medeiros, Kenneth (Ken) Broad and Haley Whitehall; so it was only natural, on my part, to want to get involved fully and challenge you all too -Writers, Poets and Artists -yep my fellow counterparts AKA (also known as) the Collective Creative Circle (it’s easy to join and only has one condition:  If you are creative then you too are part of the crew; so hop on over!).

The rules are quite simply this:

Being an artist at heart; I have decided my triptych prompts will be based with an art theme running through it.  The prompts will have three parts to it:

  • Painting/Photography by an Artist
  • Random lines of Poetry by Poets
  • An Art Movement/Writing Genre

I will endeavour to select the above through the methods used by surrealist automatism (this will involve selecting imagery by opening books/webpages in a random manner).  You can choose any of the given prompts -or if you are brave and up to a challenge then use all three prompts!  The choice is yours.  Word count will be limited to 500-1000 (if it is slightly less or more I will not quibble).

If there are artists who feel inspired to take part with imagery or any poets who want to enter with poems -you too can join in -hey why not make it a mixed media piece!  :D

Please ensure you provide the link to your entry in the comments of the appropriate post or allow for a pingback so we can track your entry for reading as well as for collating in the next Flash Fiction Challenge.

Your three prompts for the next two weeks are as follows:

Marc Chagall, Bouquet with Flying Lovers - Sourced from

  • Two lines of poetry:

Step the plot defying blue cast-steel—
“Here is the march along these iron stones”

Epic by Patrick Kavanagh

  • Art Movement: Dada/Dadaism / As for the Writing Genre; I have decided to give you the artistic reign (so ultimately it’s your choice).

*If you are looking to enter with a Poem or a Visual Image then the word count is not applicable (having said that; fellow Poets, if you are generous with your words then maybe keep in mind to not over-exceed the maximum word allowance).

Well that’s the rules, the deadline is at midnight GMT on 4th July 2011 (I will be collating all entries in the next Triptych Tapestry which is scheduled to be posted 5th July 2011).

Enjoy and above all have fun!

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