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Frivolous Fun Friday:  Yay its Friday!  (Ermm actually, for me, it’s Wednesday!  I have a busy schedule (mine and my teams’ leaving do and a special birthday party for a very sweet one year old) until Sunday, therefore I am trying to plan ahead and get my posts ready; in the eventuality that Saturday’s post fails to make a showing I wanted to just say apologies from now -I know you will understand -and maybe even glad that’s one less post to read *stares in disbelief* –not impressed! *sulks off into a quiet corner and cries a huge boo hoo hooooooooooooo*) -now that I have that off my chest; back to Friday’s post; it may be shorter than normal (time-constraints etc) but I hope it will entertain you somewhat.

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I was not born into the world as a pet lover; well not to my knowledge anyhow.  Sure, at school, we had Gerbils, African snails -did I mention Gerbils?  Those pesky rodents -you call it scratch, I call it bite; yes it bit me!  How dare it!!!  How dare my school teacher appoint me and my table to safely harbour the Gerbils!!!!  Since then my love affair with pets of any kind diminished dramatically.  I had already had a dislike to dogs [one had followed me as I was going home and ambushed the path of safety (I’m sure he/she -I didn’t check for fear he/she would attack -did I mention I was going to the infants at the time -that’s Primary School to those who do not know.)], my list grew.

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It was not until College (Sixth Form Centre) did I begin to warm to pets.  My mum had brought a kitten for my baby sister; for some unknown bizarre reason this kitten (we called it Tombish) followed me everywhere -even when I resorted to climbing on the furniture to get away from it -I even closed doors behind me so it would not follow me.  Eventually I failed to keep my distance; the pesky thing forced me to love it and then we were inseparable; it’s ironic I was later appointed the person in charge of taking Tombish to the vet -boy was that a task in its own right!  I have one very vivid memory of such a trip -the first venture ever!  We did not have a cat basket for such occasions; mum had recommended I carry Tombish in my jacket (zip her up inside my over-sized leather jacket and carry her like a baby in my arms); unsure, but with no other feasible options, Tombish and I set off to the vet.  It started off quite well until we hit a busy main road and a very towering lorry drove past -what felt like full speed!  Tombish (a house cat and not familiar to such industrial sounds) jolted in panic and scarpered towards my back and cowered there.  I could not coax her back -besides I was looking like a fool in the middle of the pavement trying to pat my back!  I eventually unzipped the jacket, which released timid Tombish; the first direction she fled to when she escaped the hold of the jacket was the busy main road -think of the horror that swept across my face!  Silly me!  I should not have panicked -Tombish has more sense than marbles so she stopped at the curb -perfect timing for me to pick her back up and encase her safely back into my jacket.  The rest of the journey went well and there were a few admirers too -obviously of Tombish who else! 🙂  Our journey back was a little tense as a woman got on with a dog; now my Tombish has not once had an encounter which such a creature so naturally I was close to passing out, fellow passengers were showing the same concern.  At this moment, I recall praying feverously, it worked, the dog and its owner got off and then we (Tombish and I) returned home unscathed.

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My aversion to dogs finally changed when it came to a head-to-head moment, at University, when I decided to take on lodgings with a lady who had a cat and a dog.  What can I say -sometimes you just need to take the bull by the horns.  So I accepted to lodge with this nice lady and her King Charles Spaniel who kept growling at me -with fear apparently!  I always prepared myself for the growls as I entered his abode, the kitchen, he cowered under the table and growled a low grrr -this continued until I vacated the kitchen; we had an understanding.  The King Charles Spaniel (I forget his name so let’s call him KCS for now) finally accepted I was not threat.  (Why would I be -I had no plans in taking over his snacks, his bed or anything else he treasured!)  This spectacular day was when I released him from his empty home, (the nice lady had gone away for the weekend to London); I, on the other hand, had returned earlier from my stay in London.  The KCS yelped and jumped up and down for joy when I came home, -talk about a special welcome home!  From that moment, forth we bonded and my natural apathy towards dogs diminished.

I have a few more entertaining tales to tell of encounters with pets/animals; those I will leave for another Frivolous Fun Friday as now I really have to dash!  Do you have any interesting animal stories to tell?  Are you an animal lover or do you despise them vehemently?  I would love to hear from you and your delightful tales.

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6 Responses to “Are You a Pet Lover? – I Have My Moments!”

  1. I always liked cats and hated dogs, ever since I was a kid. When I was 23, my mother INSISTED on getting a puppy. Insisted. It was ridiculous. By this time, I had developed an allergy to cats and mourned the fact I’d never have one again.

    So, she brings home this Jack Russell/rat terrier mix and from then on I was a dog lover. Her name is Baby and she lives with my ex-boyfriend in MA. He loves her.

    Now, I recently got another Jack Russell mix. Her name is Mad Madigan. I even gave her an intro post on my blog. –>

    Now I hate cats. XD

    • Madigan’s sooo cute!!! I refuse to believe she is dangerous! 🙂

      Thank you for your comment, it’s a funny turnaround of events for you! Poor you!

  2. I’m a complete animal lover (bio major, pet shop worker, then vet tech until I wizened up!) but I HATE gerbils! I had one bite me when I was young and it didn’t let go! I was shaking it on the end of my finger until it finally slid off. I do like mice though 🙂 And all reptiles.

    And although I’ve been bit by PLENTY of dogs and cats, I understand them and why they bite, so I’m okay with that. My current house-full of two dogs (70lbs each) and 3 cats (plus a fish) has me often annoyed but most likely covered in furry love 🙂

    Glad you got over your dog/cat dislike 🙂 Cause the gerbils don’t care either way!

    • lol! I am glad I am not alone with my dislike to Gerbils!!! Evil creatures they are!

      And wow wow wow! You have a house-full of pets! How do you manage? I am now curious why cats and dogs bite… Please share so we can understand too. 🙂

      • Hubs and I take turns dealing with the dogs, and the cats stay mostly outside in the summer. Other than that we manage with a lot of wine 😉

        They only bite if they feel threatened (sometimes they will give “love bites” if you go overboard on the loving and make them feel too good, but these don’t really hurt. It’s more to get your attention that it’s a little too much!) If you approach (any animal) in a calm and controlled manner and let them know that you are in charge and they are fine then they won’t bite 🙂 (except barracudas, who bite for curiosities sake).

      • That’s really interesting Becka, thank you for taking the time out to let us know -now I have an understanding, I will try and keep that in mind. It sounds like you guys are doing a great job -a fun-loving pet household! 😀

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