Are We Individuals or Are We Sheep’s?

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Following my apology on Monday, I wanted to also apologise for not showing up at all yesterday (I planned to post Monday’s article as part of Tricky Tuesday’s Treachery (another one-off theme)).  Unfortunately, my low moment hindered my plans -these moments can hit you in the middle of nowhere and can last longer than you really care for.  😦 I am still not 100% (I’ve had 2-3 mini-panic attacks these past 3 days; my motto is still as I said in my previous article).  I am determined to at least write something today -be it my blog post article, my WIP to meet my ROW80 goal, a flash fiction piece or even a follow-up storyline for Our Story Begins over at DiRosaYikici (or a combination of the above).  Any success stories to be heard will be shared on Friday (hopefully) as part of Frivolous Fun Friday.  Before I continue with the article I planned for Monday; I want to say a HUGE thank you all for the lovely comments and warm encouragements.  I really appreciate every single one of them (I will do my best to respond to all as soon as I can); you cannot guess how much your positivity and empathy has helped during these tough two days.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Just a quick note:  The below article is a continuation from Monday -which means I have not changed any part of it; I will just continue from where I stopped writing it (that will be from: ‘I was truly amazed.’); I hope you all enjoy the read despite its delay.  Oh and before I forget –yep the bookshelf is assembled and adorned with all my books/files and random stuff that was eating into my space!).

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All this changing of rooms and creating space for my office/art space has limited my time and hence why I am now sitting amongst piles of books and files awaiting the delivery of a bookshelf which I hope will ‘magically’ bring a calm to the current chaotic space.  This disarray does not help me think clearly or indeed make me feel if I am on time…right now I feel like I am running behind schedule with the blog -oooer!  My only solace is that you are all very understanding of my predicament *looks ups with a marvellous/timid grin* -you are right? 😀  Of course, you are -that is what I love about all you lovely visitors/readers of my humble blog! 🙂

Ok, now let’s get focused and see what my muse wants to discuss today…  Oh and by the way, if there is a topic you would like me to look into and explore in my own yikici-kind-of-way then please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box below or for those of you who are a wee bit shy drop me a line via my contact page.


I have heard this (and or similar) terminologies throughout my life and it always made me ponder how much individuals we are as opposed to being a sheep.  I even recollect a very vivid memory from my childhood, which visualises this whole idea to another level; maybe this is why it has stayed in my minds-eye throughout the years.

I must have been in my early-mid teens (or maybe even younger; I cannot quite remember); as part of our family holiday (which incidentally was always a trip to Turkey) we visited family in Tokat –a region in the Northern part of Turkey.  There I was gazing out of the window, which was looking out to the main street where a river (or maybe it was a stream) was gushing through it (not freely flowing onto the roads silly!  It was below the roads surface, barricaded with walls and a bridge was available so people/animals/and all forms of transport could cross over it).  Whilst marvelling at this sight and wondering the dangerousness of the rapid flow of water, I spied a shepherd with his flock of sheep moving along towards the bridge.

I hear you say that there is nothing fascinating about that; bear with me, there is more…

When they reached the bridge, the sheep, scared by the sound of the water I assumed, refused to cross over; the shepherd tried many tactics –one of which worked.  He held one of the sheep by its two front legs and gently pulled him/her across the bridge so he/she sheep-stepped over the bridge.  At this stage; I’m with you here -I was thinking ‘what is he doing!’  Then something amazing happened and in turn, that occurrence gave me the epiphany that was to stay with me throughout my lifetime.  The remaining sheep started to follow the shepherd and the poor (two-legged) sheep –they all crossed the bridge; blindly following the semi-captive sheep up-front with the shepherd.

Soooo that’s where the terminology ‘sheep’ comes from.

I was truly amazed.  To think all it took to sway the remaining sheep to cross the bridge, against their better judgement, was to hold ransom one of their kind and then et voila!  I guess the term ‘lead by example’ also takes an interesting form when thinking of it in this context.  Are you really leading by example or are you forced to do so?

Let us think some more…  Hands up those of you who have been in the following situations:

  • Your manager calls a meeting and in that meeting, they introduce a new protocol (or something similar); instantly you know it is flawed but fear of your job (or any other threat) you stay quiet.
  • You have a great bunch of friends who you meet with regularly; your only complaint is what their idea of fun is; you would like to introduce them to your favourite hobbies/pastime but you don’t.
  • You are shopping online and have placed an order, you continue to browse when the website starts making suggestions to what you should buy based on your preferences and also other shoppers buying habits.
  • You are at work/school/some college –they have rules you need to stick by (you just do) –depending on the place and its severity you are not allowed to wear your hair a certain way, speak freely, confront your peers, go outside and beyond the lines of conformity…etc…

Did you raise your hands?  I have for all four scenarios (in the past when I was younger).  I remember once writing a poem for a poetry module at university; the tutor insisted I separate my poem into two; convincing me, it would be a better read and more evocative (well according to her).  I refused (I did) and I guess my artistic temperament took centre-stage at that point –I submitted it as one piece; my argument, the two themes were a necessity for each other.  Was it a sound judgement call?  I believe so –despite being marked down for my refusal to conform to the tutors ideal; I felt good for standing up for my belief in my work and my vision –that was the day I became aware of my individuality and realised a difference of an opinion should not deter you from speaking up.

Guidelines are great; but these should not force you to carry out tasks/create works of art/novels in a style that has worked for others –why must we copy others?  Why follow in their footsteps when we are all unique in our own little way?  We have been born into this world; created as individuals –all with our own unique DNA (our fingerprints are good examples of how individual we all are physically; is this not a good indication for what also is within us spiritually?).  –I know this is a vast topic we can get lost in; but for now let us just think of our place in life; are we individuals or are we sheep’s?

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As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as all good discussions start with just one word.

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4 Responses to “Are We Individuals or Are We Sheep’s?”

  1. I am Jesus’ sheep, but try not to be the sheep of any man or woman on this earth, although peer pressure is easy to fall into sometimes.

    Sorry you’ve had some low moments. I can totally relate. Keep moving forward. That’s a success in itself.

    • Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement Jessica PMA is a fab way forward! 🙂

      Very true insight with peer pressure; good solid upbringings always help build a stronger character.

  2. Really fascinating topic. For the most part I think it’s a derogatory term used against conforming people. For the most part conformity is a way to avoid conflicts with authority. It doesn’t really matter whether the authority is right or not, because most authorities can punish you in one way or another if you don’t comply. However, there are the more subtle forms of conformity that occur in our personal lives, whereby we don’t confront people because we are scared of the consequences, not just with that person, but perhaps with others too.

    • I had a feeling this may pique your interest Patrick 🙂

      I agree the use of the word ‘sheep’ hints at a negative aspect of one’s characteristics/mannerisms and in some aspects ‘cages in’ the person(s) to a way society/people wants that person to behave/follow etc -some aspects of subtle bullying may even be apparent here when you think about it…

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