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Saturday’s Showcase Sketches:  

I know I have been delving in some different forms of creativity lately (I have my moments) –I had some fun with them all (they helped me with the tough two weeks that have passed by); now I wanted to get back to the challenges I love taking part in.  In keeping with the yikici tradition, (you can’t expect me to not follow tradition! *stares in disbelief*) I have combined three challenges together (no need to sound surprise –I will gasp when I successfully combine like a hundred challenges together! 😛 )

If you are wondering about my ROW80 goals, I will provide an update following the details of the challenges set and of course the story below.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

The challengers and challenges are as follows:

‘For this challenge you can write in any genre you wish but your piece must include some sort of twist on the traditional fight for freedom or independence story. Perhaps your protagonist has to keep their independence or freedom hidden from others or perhaps they gain their freedom from mutant robots taking over the world, as long as it veers away from the typical independence story it should fit in with the challenge. Keep your word count under 1000 words for this one.’  The deadline is July 31st 2011.

‘This month’s challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction in 500 words or less.  The challenge is to write a story that prominently features a moon (our moon, an alien moon, whatever)…  It can be science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, etc.  It can be a myth about how the moon got into the night sky or a what the moon really is. It can be an apocalyptic tale about the moon’s demise. Whatever you like.’

Your three prompts for the next four weeks are as follows:


Image sourced from:

  • Four lines of poetry:

Tear out a page of the book and make an aeroplane.
Launch it.  For an instant it seems that you have fashioned
A shape that can outwit air, that has slipped the knot.
But no.  The earth turns, the winch tightens, it is wound in.

-Defying Gravity by Roger McGough

  • Art Movement: Mannerism and here is another explanation of Mannerism / as for the Writing Genre; I have decided to give you the artistic reign again (so ultimately it’s your choice).


This challenge was a tough one.  I pondered a lot (it was constantly in the back of my mind brewing; then yesterday a light shone –I slept on it; today something special has taken shape; I hope you enjoy all the elements I have tried to weave into the story (twisted independence, moonstuck, the painting, the poem and Mannerism) as well as the story itself).  Without further ado I present to you St Pauls at High Tide –oh before I forget, the word count is 449 (with the title it is 454).  Enjoy!



I have been anxious for some time now; the time neared slowly every day with every tidal rise of the moon; my dreams of the Venetian setting encapsulating the London landscape close to being realised.  They knew nothing of what was coming, what to expect; I began scheming, planning changes; something to upset their plans, something to make a mark, to remember, to commemorate.

I waited patiently…

The banks forceful restrictions

Pinned me down a route I had to go

No choice, no freewill but brute force

Years I followed these orders

Years I hoped secretly that it was true

I brushed against their sides

Testing, flexing, searching…

The moons pull hypnotising my every move

I still waited, dreaming, planning…

I gushed with excitement as I flowed

Bigger, grandeur in body

Brimming over my rocky prison banks

Stretching across the streets

My escape, my independence, my joy

The blue moon shone bright

The blue moon overbalanced the tides

The blue moon set me free…

…St Pauls at my feet; my dreams came alive.

That was a momentous day; they never knew what hit them; like a monsoon but with much gusto –not raining from the heavens; a tsunami breaking free, drowning the streets, overflowing into buildings, homes, washing ashore bodies –human or otherwise; a sea amongst a city; a city submerged with the sea.  They floated; I swam.  Then there was some who flew with my torrential impact; a surprise honoured by the moon; I –grateful for my release…

The imprisonment soon began; swiftly as had my freedom; the blueness of the moon faded; replaced by its normal pallor glow.  It dragged me back to the treacherous banks; the bars of my enslavement, no amount of rebellion I muster now will help my cause.  My only strength came with the blue moon and now that is fading…  I will wait, wait again for its marvel; it surely will not be long before it is set back in motion –after all, there is a reason why they say ‘once in a blue moon’. No matter how rare that is, it will happen again and when it does, I will be waiting…

There is one solace in all of this; my escape was marked in history and captured in paint; the artist much in awe of my capabilities used brushstrokes evocative of my waves; a reminder of what happened and what might be.  The irony, I am caged in once again within the narrow banks and now the within the limits of the canvas and the gilded frame.  Then hazily I wonder as my memory fades; was my escape from the actual riverbanks or from the mystical magic of the painting…

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


It has been a week since my last update; therefore, I think I best let you know how it has all been going…

This week has been tough (yet again) but not as bad as I have managed to lift my spirits and stick to some of my goals as set below last week:

This is my now amended ROW80 Goals:

  • Email BETA Readers my current WIP (for feedback).
  • Start outline for new project (novella/script).
  • Try to write 0-500 words per day towards WIP (a reality-check was in order here –pressure taken off in order for my muse to roam freely).
  • Should I feel stuck with point three I will consider how well I have done with my blog posts –as a means to stay positive –any achievements’ considered for acknowledgement right? *looks up expectantly*
  • Each day I will set aside a 15-30 minute editing session, before I start my writing; reworking the previous day’s works (still a ploy to get myself back into the flow of things).

THEN (When responses come back from my lovely BETA Readers:

  • I will rework the first three chapters of my WIP.
  • I will start to contribute towards the above set word goal (maybe alternate with the WIPs for a bit of variety and also it’s good my muse can just tackle something different every once in a while).

What I have achieved

Sunday and Monday, I was away from home (so that was my two free days).  On Tuesday I posted a blog article (ok it was a copy and paste job –but I am not going to moan, as I was still a wee bit low then) I also wrote 122 words towards my WIP (added some special spells).  Wednesday I continued with outlining for my WIP.  Thursday I wrote an article on Copyright for my blog (forgot to post it so I posted on Friday instead).  Friday I decided to take a peek at my initial research for my WIP therefore, I printed it off and began to go over it when I needed a break from the screen.  Today, well, asides from writing this post (which now hit 1,449 words) and enjoying a cuppa of lovely brewed (by my standards) tea; I will continue with going over the research and also feedback from my betareaders.  I hope I add some more words to my WIP tonight.

I have just realised; since I am working on two WIP, I need to differentiate between the two so you know which WIP I am talking about 😀 here’s a little clue:

  • WIP One (The initial one I started with) is titled Becoming: Mystical Realisations (I’ll call it Becoming for short).
  • WIP Two (The one discussed on Manon Eileen’ #writepsych) is not fortunate to have a title yet so we can call it WIP2 for now.

Well, that is all for today, I will now be working on Becoming; I hope you enjoyed the flash fiction above (I just felt like I needed to have fun after these past two weeks and celebrate my enthusiasm by indulging in these challenges –for me it is an indulgence).  Upcoming Plans:  Within the coming week I plan to tackle Ken Broad’ Challenge (I am determined to combine all four images –why don’t you join me to see if I succeed.) and also add a storyline to the ongoing saga over at DiRosaYikici.  As you know resident guest blogger Patrick Tulley will be about tomorrow and my next post will be on Monday.  I plan to share with you my thoughts about challenges and why I love them so much on Wednesday and also provide you with another ROW80 update –so keep your eyes out if you want to know what goes on in my quirky mind.  Till then have fun!

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Did I achieve the challenges set?  Did you get lost within the vivid landscapes or did you sail above the waves?  Let me know what works and what does not and perhaps how it could be made better…  As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as all good discussions start with just one word.

Pdf document:  St Pauls at High Tide


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22 Responses to “Challenge Taken : St Pauls at High Tide”

  1. This certainly is a twist on a traditional freedom tale. I like the idea of a painting capturing a moment of freedom, making it so that even if imprisoned, one is not really imprisoned because the painting shows they are free. This piece made me think and I like that. Well done!

    • Thank you Billie Jo, I really appreciate that! I was actually planning to take it down a different route initially -the painting coming alive and escaping from the canvas then it changed to what it has become above -it’s odd how stories just write itself.

  2. Very cool! The force of nature seeking freedom against those that imprison it. Well done you! Bravo.

  3. I enjoyed your flash fiction, and your goals seem to be moving along. You have achieved a lot!


    Here’s mine for today:

  4. Congrats on your achievements and it’s good to indulge in writing and have fun with it every now and then.Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

  5. amazing – I so enjoyed that – go river go river-

  6. I love it. Very nice. And good work on your goals. You sound super busy! I’d say it was a very good check-in.

  7. Absolutely if you feel stuck with point three, consider your blog posts! Yes, ROW80 is all about feeling good about progress! I think your idea of editing yesterday’s work before continuing is a good one. I sometimes do that to wake my brain up, as I write very, very early in the morning.

    I very much enjoyed your challenge work. Very interesting!

    • Thank you for your lovely comments 🙂 Editing before I write helps me to stay in perspective and not lose the plot -as we know continuation is key!

  8. That’s a fantastic flash! A real twist, I love it. Well done on achieving what you have. Goals should be a challenge to meet, but not taken so seriously that not meeting them brings you down. Well done!

  9. Some good benchmarks you’re hitting.

  10. I love how you wove all three challenges together. And the poetry. I love the way you work it all into a single, fluid story (ahem…pun not intended but it made me smile anyway :D). Congrats on your goals too!

    • lol! *ignoring the ‘very’ funny pun*

      Thank you Sonia for your lovely comments -really, really appreciate it. 😀

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