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Monday’s Meandering Muse: 

Two weeks ago today I posted an apology; today I want to provide you with an explanation (my ethos in life is very close to honesty is the best policy -see yesterdays post and my comment in Patrick’ post Radical Honesty & Relationships for a better(ish) insight to my ethos).  Following this explanation, I plan to have a discussion on how I am finding the blogging world; what is working for me and what is not and in turn, I will be picking your brains to see how you are finding this experience as a reader and/or blogger.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

Relapse vs. Lapse

Some of you already know about the recent panic attacks I have been suffering from (I have mentioned them in various posts; you can find them under the category of Health); well, I guess it will come as no surprise that I had a mini-panic attack two weeks ago –I have to say it was a huge surprise to me!  Something rather silly triggered it off and I will not go into the details of that right here as I do not believe it will serve its full purpose here –and besides all involved are aware how I took to the situation and how I tried to deal with it.  So what aspect of it do I want to talk about?  Well, I want to talk about the two terminologies that are associated with all forms of mental disorders (be it mild or severe), lapse and relapse.  Until very recently I would not have been able to give you an accurate distinction of either, to me they both meant the same thing –or so I thought.  I soon found out that, after my panic attack two weeks ago, I have had a lapse.  What this in actual effect means is that the panic attack hindered my recovery and set me back a little on my progress to overcome this pesky disorder.  However, unlike a relapse (where you would find yourself back at square one and have to start all over again), I was able to continue from my recovery point two weeks ago (so it was a temporary setback) two weeks later (I’ve been on better form since Friday gone).  This I am chuffed to bits about; as these setbacks really try to force you to become a recluse, which I really struggled with.  Nonetheless, I still put up a fight as refused to let it take me back.  Fortunately, my friends, family, my blog and my ROW80 goals for my WIP helped me stay focused.


When stepping out into the blogging world I ummed and arrred quite a bit; I couldn’t quite decided how many blogs I wanted and if I should separate my individual interest and delegate it out to the respected blogs.  I initially started out over at blogspot –it’s a bit scatty and underdeveloped as you can see.  The themes were limiting and I was still learning and taking baby steps.  I stumbled across wordpress after getting into discussions with fellow tweeps on Twitter (mainly Emlyn Chand at Novelpublicity) and checked out all the comparisons made between blogspot and wordpress.  I crossed over to the other side muhawaahaawaaaa…  I started to get my head round the wordpress set-up and began to get carried away.  However, there was still that niggly thought in the back of my head ‘do I need more than one blog?’ –I am still at two minds with this.  I am beginning to think this is one of the main reasons I have still not started my self-hosting project (though my health and mindset that went with those moments surely did not help).

So what are my current dilemmas in all of this?  Well, I am undecided if I should have one blog/website for everything –my random thoughts, my writings, artwork, sketches, doodllz, ideas etc or should I separate what I classify as more polished and refined works/articles in like a professional blog and have another blog for sketches, doodllz, ideas; a blog for the carefree, silly me…  I come and go between those two thought processes so much so that Ian (see Self-Hosting – My Trials and Tribble-ations) believes he is off the hook in terms of helping me and pointing me in the right direction!  (You can go and ask him if you do not believe me!)

My Blog Posts vs. Readability

Another reason I am considering a second blog is because the way I write; I am partial to write in cascading thoughts –sometimes jumping from one thought to another with no rhyme or reason (well there is always reason behind it –I sometimes just like to exaggerate –it’s fun! 😛 ).  I wonder if the readability is easy for you or just a tad confusing.  In one post (take my last post) I start off with my current mindset, then I delve into explaining challenges and present you with a flash fiction story; then I update you with my ROW80 goals and finish off with what to expect in the next few days.  Is there just too much going on?  How do you digest what I write; do you find it to the point, a tad meandering, acceptable or totally confusing?  Therefore, separating the blogs as professional and personal seems feasible and sensible –then I just throw it all in the air and argue that I should not separate the two aspects of me; one blog with a working schedule will have a better visual and overall presence…  My conundrums’…always playing havoc with my mind!

Blogging & Social Media

There are many aspects to discuss here; how the two intertwine with each other, the various Social Media networks and how they work and how they will benefit you…  I am still experimenting and finding these out (I’m on Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Goodreads and Facebook –I’m not very versed in most so maybe you should pop by and give me a heads-up so I understand it all better).  When I get my head around these I will share my newfound wisdom with you in a future post, until then, have fun.

My Questions to You

What do you struggle with?  How do you overcome these situations/moments?  What are your experiences with blogging?  What works what does not?  Do you find you are constantly evolving and your ideas changing from one day to the next?

As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word’.

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Pdf document:  Random Thoughts A Plenty…


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7 Responses to “Random Thoughts A Plenty…”

  1. Really sorry to hear about the recent attack Ozlem (big hugs).. I know how debilitating and exhausting they can be for several days, if not weeks after sometimes. As you know I’ve said plenty about this subject before. I think it was very brave of you to talk about this subject so publicly on your blog, so bravo! 🙂

    • Thank you for the warm sentiments Patrick -really appreciate it. You indeed have provided us with some sound knowledge on the matter of panic attacks -thank you.

      I always believe in being honest so had no qualms in sharing if it helps build up awareness. 🙂

  2. Finding a blogging rhythm can be such a huge challenge. It took me awhile to start getting into a groove. I think it helps to keep posts narrow in terms of topic. And for me, having theme days makes a huge difference. That helps me organize what I’m going to post. I don’t think I could keep up with more than one blog at this point. At least until I’m better organized. 😀

    • I hear you Sonia; I find weekly themes working well for me too. I have good intentions of keeping my posts narrow but my mind always seems to have other ideas! oooer! 😀 How long have you been blogging?

  3. First of all, you’re doing great, Ozlem! You’re obviously a strong person who cannot be brought down by setbacks. Kudos! *hugs*

    Now… I have the same problem with cascading thoughts. This is exactly why I write my posts on ONE topic. I rarely write about a hundred things in one blog, but that’s just the way I like to do it. 🙂

    I agree with Sonia that having themes (and I know you have lots too) helps, but lately I have found they also limit me, so I do three days of themes and two free days. I stopped blogging during the weekend, because I need a break and because people are resting then as well.

    As for separate blogs for separate topics… I don’t think you need that. I mean, I have two blogs but that’s only because the other one is a story blog and meshing the two would be pointless. I think one’s blog is funner if there are lots of aspects to it. ^_^ I really do. And by the way, I wish I was on wordpress too, but now I’m way too lazy to make the change…

  4. Oh and I forgot to tell you that I have noticed that thing you mentioned about your thoughts… but I don’t really mind. I mean, it’s probably because it’s the way my mind works too, lol.

    • Heya Violeta 😀

      I’m glad I make sense some of the times!

      No wonder we are twins -we seem to have similar traits when it comes to creativity, thoughts and writing amongst other things! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it really helps me to consider all options… I hear what you say about keeping to one blog (maybe I am partial to having a blog/website that is titled doodllz that is making me so pig-headed and stubborn about the whole thing!)

      I am lucky my themes are working for me (I deliberately kept them broad so most topics go 🙂 ) -it’s good to see that you have made adaptations to your themes -maybe you too need to consider broadening the themes topics?

      Thank you for your encouraging words -the hugs has gone a long way too! Thank you!!! 😀

      PS: I think you need to stop being lazy and join us on wordpress –it’s so easy to import all your content over -I’ll give pointers if you like 😛

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