Tiny Baby Steps: ROW80 Style

Whimsical Wednesday Writings: 

Wednesday has come sooo soon and I have not had the time to get anything together for this post (apologies); I am still away from home, which means my ROW80 goals have suffered somewhat -apart from some revising of the research of Becoming and some outlining.  Other than that, I have not accomplished much.  I suppose Monday’s post should count towards my goals but I am sooo tired right now, it’s hard to be very positive about that.  Hmmm I think I best call it a day and return to this post in the morning or else it is in danger of being extremely whiney –ermmm not what I want to achieve overall!  So ta-raa for now.  *switches off laptop and heads of to catch some Zzzzzzzz’s*

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

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Ok now it’s time to get back to work…So, what’s on the agenda for today’s post?  Well, I want to give you a brief update on my ROW80 goals (as touched on above) and any amendments for the rest of the week.  I then will follow this with why my plans have been upturned this half of the week and finally I want to round this off with why I love flash fictions and why I take part where I can.

ROW80 Update

After Saturdays post I knew time was short as I had plans for Sunday and Monday; therefore, I prepared my post for Monday (seeing that I was going to be away) and planned that those two days will be my free days again.  I then went over my research for Becoming that evening and spent quality family-time in the evening (it’s a must when the moment is right).  Sunday and Monday soon came so I headed off to see my good friends Katie & Neil (just a ploy so their beautifully cute one-year-old Ava Mae gets used to me so I can babysit for them occasionally when needed).  My plans then changed abruptly when I was needed to stay over longer than anticipated (no problemo –adaptation is part of life and another way to make it fun 🙂 ).  I will talk more about this later; now back to what I plan to do for the remaining part of the week.

ROW80 Amendments

I am not making any big changes to my ROW80 goals as I am happy with what I have, they are (click here for the actual goals); I just want to tweak it in order to accommodate for the unexpected plans this week.  There is only one main adjustment:

  • I will not be hard on myself for not achieving the word goals I have missed out on Tuesday and Wednesday (today).  I will continue as normal tomorrow (Thursday).

Now I feel better about that *phew* and *sighs with a huge relief* -pressure is off somewhat. 🙂

Tiny Baby Steps – Ava Mae Style

As I have mentioned above, since Sunday I have spent some time with my very good friends and their very special daughter Ava Mae.  I could not pass this post by without briefly touching on my experience spent here –especially since it has been very significant –especially in terms of how I am currently viewing my ROW80 goals.  Ava is the most adorable baby girl (I will ignore her mother’s endearing nickname for her ‘rat bag’ –Katie really?!!!) –I know you all will be saying all babies are cute; they are I agree.  However, I was very blessed to witness Ava Mae’s very first baby steps (I know!) and the tears that welled up in my eyes and the exceptionally proud emotions I felt I cannot describe as words just seem to not be enough.  The moment Ava realised her achievement, the marvel in her face, the excitement –the joy –it encapsulated a million feelings and all I could think of was to hug her so tightly and plant millions of kisses on her soft cheeks –but I did not.  Ava deserved to enjoy that moment and take it in its full entirety, with an audience of her doting mother and me.  I am so glad my plans changed; this was something I would not have wanted to miss for the World.

Ava Mae - Copyright © Paula Chang

Tiny baby steps, every step is precious, every step is worth the effort and the wait; as it will soon be followed by something very rewarding; we should not forget that –I plan not to forget that.  Therefore, I want to say that I will appreciate every effort I make with my ROW80 goals and I hope you do too as every step will make a mark towards that worthwhile goal you are aiming for.

Ava Mae, thank you for being sooo special and thank you for helping me see the bigger picture clearly.  (Yes, your aunty Oz loves you lots and lots and lots!)

Flash Fiction Challenges 

I was hoping to have put together another flash fiction piece for today’s post but due to the unaccounted events as mentioned above, this was not meant to be so Ken Broad’ Challenge will have to wait until Saturday.  Whilst we are waiting for that, I wanted to let you into a few secrets to why I love these challenges and why I take part as much as I can.  Challenges –as the word rightly says, it’s a challenge –something to sink your teeth into, something to make your brains tick and force you to think ‘outside the box’ and mainly something to get all those creative juices flowing!  Above all, it’s fun!  There has been times when flash fiction challenges has helped me strengthen a particular plot in my WIP or help me understand it a bit better; it has also been a great aid for me to add a gripping twist to my addition to the DiRosaYikici storyline Where There’s a Will There’s a Way (here’s that particular excerpt).

You may ask why I love torturing myself by combining so many challenges and trying to make it all work…that is a very good question; I think there is something about accomplishing a difficult task and making it work.  A great sense of fulfilment.  Picking the rockier road has always been in the forefront of my life; be it at school, college, University, family life, work life etc…so I guess its no science that I like to ensure that these tough challenges work through my works too.  One good example is when I studied A-Level Art & Design; I hated drawing/painting folds of cloth and too much intricate designs, so what did I decide to embark on for my mock and real exam?  Yes, you guessed correctly –both!  I complained at my brilliance throughout both exams but in the end, I secretly was pleased when I saw the end results; I guess my love for challenges stem back from those achievements…   So all in all asides from the fun elements, it’s puzzling nature and the productive by-products of these challenges it is just a pleasure to write (and from the responses I have received) and to read.

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


How is ROW80 treating you?  Has Ava Mae inspired you too?  What challenges tickle your fancy?  I would love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts, please share with us -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word’.

Apologies for the delayed post (I just got back late Wednesday evening and now with sleepy eyes am attempting to finish this and post it before sleeping). 

Pdf document:  Tiny Baby Steps ROW80 Style


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  1. Ava Mae is adorable!!! I like your goal to not be so hard on yourself. I think I should put that in my goals too. 😀 I agree about fun of combining challenges and pushing yourself.

    • Isn’t she just?!!! 😀 She is the cutest! I love her to bits!

      I think appreciation of what you achieve must certainly be part of your goals so it becomes much rewarding. 🙂

      Sonia, I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to challenges… maybe one day we should do a challenge together! 😀

  2. So glad you got to be part of that big moment! Pushing is great, but sometimes we take all the fun out of things because we push too hard. Great to see that you are not being too hard on yourself. I would miss your stories if you were no longer having fun with them! Bravo, and keep up the great work!

    • Ken, thank you -that is very kind of you (I’m at a loss for words -I know!). I think the best part of being a writer (apart from having fun writing) is seeing how well received your stories are -if it is enjoyed by just one person that just makes it perfect!

      Thank you! 😀

  3. You really have a lot going on! ROW80 is supposed to work with your life, not against it, and you seem to have that down! Great work!

    • Thank you Vicki, I am trying to be apreciative of what I do achieve or else i’d be miserable all day! Eak!

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