Challenge Issued: Transparent Tapestries

Tuesday’s Triptych Tapestry

One month has passed by since I issued my second Flash Fiction Challenge Triptych Trials; it was fab to see and read all the entries (you guys have done swell with the prompts given *cheers*).  Those of you who have not managed to catch up with these delightful stories then please take a break and head on over to have a read.  These brave soul(s) rose to the challenge:

  • Billie Jo Woods’ entry Defying Gravity swept me off my feet -no really!
  • Sonia G. Medeiros had me on the edge of my seat as I read Paper Aeroplanes -gripping to say the least.
  • Me, Myself & I -I’ll let you decide what you think of my entry St Pauls at High Tide -it was a joy to write.

Thank you both for taking part -I hope you enjoyed the creative journey. 😀

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

The rules are quite simply this:

“Being an artist at heart, I have decided my triptych prompts will be based with an art theme running through it.  The prompts will have three parts to it:

  • Painting/Photography by an Artist
  • Random lines of Poetry by Poets
  • An Art Movement/Writing Genre

I will endeavour to select the above through the methods used by surrealist automatism (this will involve selecting imagery by opening books/webpage’s in a random manner).  You can choose any of the given prompts -or if you are brave and up to a challenge then use all three prompts!  The choice is yours.  Word count will be limited to 500-1000 (if it is slightly less or more I will not quibble).

If there are artists who feel inspired to take part with imagery or any poets who want to enter with poems -you too can join in -hey why not make it a mixed media piece!

Please ensure you provide the link to your entry in the comments of the appropriate post or allow for a pingback so we can track your entry for reading as well as for collating in the next Flash Fiction Challenge.”

In honour of our busy schedules, I will keep the challenge open for a month.  I hope this gives you enough time to ponder on possible creative works.  May your muse inspire you always…

Your three prompts for the next four weeks are as follows:

Image sourced from:

  • Three lines of poetry:

Roof turned transparent

And prismatic, focusing

That warm, floating lantern’s glow

-Lighthouse by Gerard Woodward

  • Art Movement: Purism and here is another explanation of Purism / as for the Writing Genre; I have decided to give you the artistic reign again (so ultimately it’s your choice).

*If you are looking to enter with a Poem or a Visual Image then the word count is not applicable (having said that; fellow Poets, if you are generous with your words then maybe keep in mind to not over-exceed the maximum word allowance).

Well that’s the rules, the deadline is at midnight GMT on 29th August 2011 (I will be collating all entries in the next Triptych Tapestry which is scheduled to be posted 30th August 2011).

Enjoy and above all have fun!


Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Thoughts and comments are encouraged as always.

Pdf document:  Challenge Issued – Transparent Tapestries


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