Progress is Progress

Savvy Sunday Salutations: 

(ROW80 Update can be found towards the end of the post.)

Hellooooo there!  Miss me at all?  😛  I thought I’d break the long silence with a savvy Sunday salutation to all you lovely readers out there.  I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying life and embracing it with a heart full of love.  😀  I have been trying to do that but mostly I’ve been kept on my toes with the new blog (most of the major modifications are completed -now the fiddly bits are left for me to lull over -ho hum…).  Seeing the worst is over I thought I’d let you all pop by and have a peek (work-in-progress is always fun so I wanted to share this experience with you too 🙂 ).  I’d love to hear what you think of the modifications and what works and what does not etc…  I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Ian (see this post for a reminder on who Ian is).  He has had to put up with a lot of indecisiveness from moi -and my mood changes (there has been a few) -but we finally got there and this venture would not have been possible without his input soooooo THANK YOU Ian –I really appreciate your help.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

I’ve added a few new bits in the sidebar on the right (I’m sure you have already noticed):

  • There are progress monitor bars (one for the modification of the blog, the other my novel-in-progress), if you want to check in my progress those would be a good indication to let you know how I’m fairing at a glance.
  • There are subscribe (to rss/feedburner feeds)/connect/follow buttons.
  • If the dark theme is too much (that does not have to be the only reason) but still want to keep updated with new posts/articles/news from yikici then you can subscribe via the email option.

I have added a redirection to the old website so any of you who are trying to access it will notice they will be finding themselves at the new site (so welcome back!) 😀

ROW80 Update:

This is a very brief update, as I have not had time to work on my novel(s) due to a variety of factors (I will give a full account mid-week).  Having said that a new story idea has popped into my mind so I wrote it down (yes my laptop was not working so I went back to my trusted pen an notepad –my laptop was back in action last week Saturday *yay*).  I ended up writing an outline of about 7 A5 pages (which I’m pleased about) and I also wrote 2 A4 pages on becoming so that’s not bad either considering the mayhem I have been going through since my last ROW80 update.   I leave this update on having completed 15,774 words of my novel –let’s see if that number changes in the next update I will be giving.  *Trying to stay positive*

Upcoming Plans & Schedule:  I plan to have the next post out on Tuesday (a reminder for those who already know the schedule) and following that a topical discussion is scheduled for Thursday (upcoming plans for the next few days will be mentioned at the bottom of Thursdays post).  A ROW80 Update will be made available either on Wednesday or on Thursday; I’ll see how things pan out.  That’s me for now, I have to dash…  Keep smiling! 😀  Stay in peace…


As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -’as all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Pdf document:  Progress is Progress



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