About yikici

Artist, Writer, Poet -above all a human being trying to find a way in this world by keeping to morals, values and ethics as a guide to do good…

Throughout her life creativity has been a part of her -always edging its’ way to get out and stand alone; be it through art, prose, verse or thought.  Though a traditionalist at heart she has adopted a contemporary style as an outlet and is not afraid of contesting ‘the norm’ as a means of expressing the inspirations within.  Her interests lie within cascading thoughts and from time to time she will write passages as these transpire.

yikici is a firm believer that whatever’s written, drawn, painted, etc; should always be shared -even if the final creation is not as perfect as she envisioned it -the audience may not always understand the urgency of the display -however; the process of creativity that she embarks on, in essence, is far more enlightening in her eyes and hence, this is the reason why she believes it should be shared and taken in.  yikici is hopeful that the journeys’ she takes will hold a resonance with people of all ages, race, creed, thoughts, etc… and at some level a meeting of minds will be achieved -no matter how different transcending thoughts are.

For all the reasons mentioned above; yikici has ensured her works which encompass the above sentiment are collated and presented in her personal blog doodllz™.  The works shared here on yikici are the works she has deemed acceptable at a level she’s satisfied with.


What are your thoughts?

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