What’s in a Name?

It’s always difficult to write something about yourself -well this is something I always struggle with -not that I do not have anything to say; it’s more of a case of ‘what would you like to know’ and would what I write be interesting to you…  Decisions decisions…

I guess I could talk about my alter ego or some would call it pseudonym; you may have come across it on this site if you have been paying attention!  The name in question is doodllz™ I have used this for as long as I can remember -it goes back to the time when I was at University studying BA(Hons) Fine Art with Related Arts;I became quite attuned to doodling and this became quite apparent in my art (you can see examples of these works in the Paintings section) and since then it has become a part of my being -if I need to have a username, a fantasy football team name, a pen name, etc… doodllz™ is my first choice -it beats Wizard of Oz as I have been aptly named when I was a wee lass!  I hear you ask why doodllz™?  What’s its’ significance?  Well, as I see it; doodling is an expressive form where in a quick instance a random shape/form can come about and in that very surrealist way, an image is created.  doodllz™ can be erratic, pensive, lyrical and surreal and much more; it’s fun and unpredictable; which in essence is the way I like to be and see life -whether I do or do not is another matter entirely nevertheless, that is how I embody my work and how I try to portray my visions.

Asides from Art, I also dabble in some poetry, photography and have recently taken the initiative to write a novel.  I have 4 writing projects on the go (as well as my 3 blogs); A Poetry book incorporating English & Turkish Poetry, A Novel on ‘Cascading Thoughts’, A Novel with elements of Horror, Fantasy & Romance written with a contemporary feel and finally a Script based on a psychological thriller.  Asides from yikici and doodllz™ I also co-write on Di Rosa & Yikici where we attempt to take it in turns and be inspired by each others’ improvisational writing.

I think this is all for now.  I will attempt to add more as more ideas come to me, in the meantime have a wander and if you have anything to say whilst you are about please do so.  Ta-ra for now…


What are your thoughts?

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