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Dearest Readers,

Apologies for for my continued absence. I will be back with a selection of poems and short stories I’ve been dabbling in. Until then, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite articles I’ve posted in the past, be it here on yikici or guest posts I’ve done elsewhere. This post is the guest post I did over at Rance Denton’s blog ‘The Action Prose’. This topic is still close to my heart and so i wanted to share it with you here. I hope you enjoy the read.


A Special Private Post to Current Subscribers of yikici

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Thank you for your Subscription and Continuous Support!

Is this a goodbye I hear you ask -no, it is not (I hope not).  This is a special thank you to all of you -you have given me the strength and encouragement to continue with posting articles regularly and to that, I am extremely appreciative -without your support, yikici may not have blossomed as it has -truly it’s been a great boost of confidence when a new subscriber has come onboard.  I do hope I have not failed you in the topics I have chosen to discuss or the stories I have shared with you on my journeys to get to this point…

New Horizons

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.

A Different View - Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Now a new era has started (Self-hosting here we are!), we have to say goodbye to wordpress.com and say hello to yikici -with all new things we have to start from scratch (well not literally -but close).  For those of you who still want to join me on this journey please take a moment and re-subscribe and encourage me to keep going. 😀 Those who have decided this is where our paths must part I want to say a huge thank you for your time up until this point.  It’s been appreciated and you will be missed however; times change -as do our preferences so go forth and prosper to wherever that direction may be…the rest of us will just dive right back into the pool 🙂 -Anyone joining me?  I have a special treat in mind for any re-subscribers -there’s three options I am thinking over:

  1. A copy of my very first book/eBook when it’s published.
  2. Access to a private page on my blog (I am still trying to work out what content to have -any suggestions fire it my way).
  3. Be part of the new collaborative project I will be embarking on soon (part of the Wednesday Schedule -check it out on the home page).
  4. Alternatively, if you are content with just staying up to date with yikici without any extras then by all means just subscribe, I won’t force anything on you 🙂

Should you choose to re-subscribe then please email me at ozlem@yikici.co.uk and let me know which of the four options you would be interested in.  If you have any other comments or suggestions please drop me a line at the above email address as this post will not be viewable online (due to the redirection of the site).

Thank you again, it was a great journey up until now -I now hope the next leg of this journey is as exciting and enjoyable.

Progress is Progress

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Savvy Sunday Salutations: 

(ROW80 Update can be found towards the end of the post.)

Hellooooo there!  Miss me at all?  😛  I thought I’d break the long silence with a savvy Sunday salutation to all you lovely readers out there.  I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying life and embracing it with a heart full of love.  😀  I have been trying to do that but mostly I’ve been kept on my toes with the new blog (most of the major modifications are completed -now the fiddly bits are left for me to lull over -ho hum…).  Seeing the worst is over I thought I’d let you all pop by and have a peek (work-in-progress is always fun so I wanted to share this experience with you too 🙂 ).  I’d love to hear what you think of the modifications and what works and what does not etc…  I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Ian (see this post for a reminder on who Ian is).  He has had to put up with a lot of indecisiveness from moi -and my mood changes (there has been a few) -but we finally got there and this venture would not have been possible without his input soooooo THANK YOU Ian –I really appreciate your help.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

I’ve added a few new bits in the sidebar on the right (I’m sure you have already noticed):

  • There are progress monitor bars (one for the modification of the blog, the other my novel-in-progress), if you want to check in my progress those would be a good indication to let you know how I’m fairing at a glance.
  • There are subscribe (to rss/feedburner feeds)/connect/follow buttons.
  • If the dark theme is too much (that does not have to be the only reason) but still want to keep updated with new posts/articles/news from yikici then you can subscribe via the email option.

I have added a redirection to the old website so any of you who are trying to access it will notice they will be finding themselves at the new site (so welcome back!) 😀

ROW80 Update:

This is a very brief update, as I have not had time to work on my novel(s) due to a variety of factors (I will give a full account mid-week).  Having said that a new story idea has popped into my mind so I wrote it down (yes my laptop was not working so I went back to my trusted pen an notepad –my laptop was back in action last week Saturday *yay*).  I ended up writing an outline of about 7 A5 pages (which I’m pleased about) and I also wrote 2 A4 pages on becoming so that’s not bad either considering the mayhem I have been going through since my last ROW80 update.   I leave this update on having completed 15,774 words of my novel –let’s see if that number changes in the next update I will be giving.  *Trying to stay positive*

Upcoming Plans & Schedule:  I plan to have the next post out on Tuesday (a reminder for those who already know the schedule) and following that a topical discussion is scheduled for Thursday (upcoming plans for the next few days will be mentioned at the bottom of Thursdays post).  A ROW80 Update will be made available either on Wednesday or on Thursday; I’ll see how things pan out.  That’s me for now, I have to dash…  Keep smiling! 😀  Stay in peace…


As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -’as all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Pdf document:  Progress is Progress


yikici… The Next Few Weeks…

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Thursday’s Topical Tête-à-Tête:  

Firstly, I want to apologise for the delay of this post and it’s shortness (there is a very good and valid reason).  As some of you may already know my laptop has been out of action for a few days now and therefore, I have been unable to work on the article I was hoping to share with you today.  My laptop is still not in a working state (I have braved using my rather old slow PC *hopes it does not crash just yet*), my posts and communications are likely to be not as frequent until this problem is solved (I am working on it and hopefully there won’t be too much delay).  In the meantime I have some good news:  I have mentioned it many times before and finally I have taken action -I will be going self-hosted soon (2-3 weeks at the most); I will keep you posted when the actual change takes place (promise I will).  In the meantime I have noted that (despite exporting the whole blog content over to the new host) details of subscribers to this blog do not get transferred over (I know it is a HUGE pain!).  Therefore (if you lovely readers still want to stay updated with the posts/articles); when the switch is made (I will post details of the new website etc when the time comes) please re-subscribe.  Patience is a virtue they say, I do hope your patience with yikici is rewarded graciously on our full return when the laptop is back in force and so is the new site with its brand new host.  Whilst I am on the topic of the new blog; if you would like to share any thoughts to any changes you would like to see, now would be a good time to let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.      

I do hope what I have written above makes sense (I have a headache and am extremely tired, please accept my apologies if it’s garbled -tell me if it is *prays its not*). 

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


If you want to share your thoughts; by all means do so:  As I always say ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Challenge Issued: Transparent Tapestries

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Tuesday’s Triptych Tapestry

One month has passed by since I issued my second Flash Fiction Challenge Triptych Trials; it was fab to see and read all the entries (you guys have done swell with the prompts given *cheers*).  Those of you who have not managed to catch up with these delightful stories then please take a break and head on over to have a read.  These brave soul(s) rose to the challenge:

  • Billie Jo Woods’ entry Defying Gravity swept me off my feet -no really!
  • Sonia G. Medeiros had me on the edge of my seat as I read Paper Aeroplanes -gripping to say the least.
  • Me, Myself & I -I’ll let you decide what you think of my entry St Pauls at High Tide -it was a joy to write.

Thank you both for taking part -I hope you enjoyed the creative journey. 😀

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

The rules are quite simply this:

“Being an artist at heart, I have decided my triptych prompts will be based with an art theme running through it.  The prompts will have three parts to it:

  • Painting/Photography by an Artist
  • Random lines of Poetry by Poets
  • An Art Movement/Writing Genre

I will endeavour to select the above through the methods used by surrealist automatism (this will involve selecting imagery by opening books/webpage’s in a random manner).  You can choose any of the given prompts -or if you are brave and up to a challenge then use all three prompts!  The choice is yours.  Word count will be limited to 500-1000 (if it is slightly less or more I will not quibble).

If there are artists who feel inspired to take part with imagery or any poets who want to enter with poems -you too can join in -hey why not make it a mixed media piece!

Please ensure you provide the link to your entry in the comments of the appropriate post or allow for a pingback so we can track your entry for reading as well as for collating in the next Flash Fiction Challenge.”

In honour of our busy schedules, I will keep the challenge open for a month.  I hope this gives you enough time to ponder on possible creative works.  May your muse inspire you always…

Your three prompts for the next four weeks are as follows:

Image sourced from: http://fineartamerica.com/

  • Three lines of poetry:

Roof turned transparent

And prismatic, focusing

That warm, floating lantern’s glow

-Lighthouse by Gerard Woodward

  • Art Movement: Purism and here is another explanation of Purism / as for the Writing Genre; I have decided to give you the artistic reign again (so ultimately it’s your choice).

*If you are looking to enter with a Poem or a Visual Image then the word count is not applicable (having said that; fellow Poets, if you are generous with your words then maybe keep in mind to not over-exceed the maximum word allowance).

Well that’s the rules, the deadline is at midnight GMT on 29th August 2011 (I will be collating all entries in the next Triptych Tapestry which is scheduled to be posted 30th August 2011).

Enjoy and above all have fun!


Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Thoughts and comments are encouraged as always.

Pdf document:  Challenge Issued – Transparent Tapestries

Radical Honesty & Relationships – An Addendum

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Savvy Sunday Salutations: 

Welcome to another week with guest blogger Patrick Tulley; last week‘s discussions were so engaging that Patrick decided to post an addendum this week; it certainly opens up the discussion in more detail.  I still believe that honesty is the best policy, what are your thoughts?  I hope you find this an interesting read as I have.  We look forward to your comments.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)


Several commenters’s brought up some interesting points in last week’s post that I thought were worth attaching as an addendum this week. In many ways these points have been reflected in a few of my previous posts, but a little more detail regarding ‘radical honesty’ I felt would be useful in tying them altogether more coherently. What’s interesting is that this addendum is now longer than my original post. Anyway, I hope it explains any discrepancies that you may have had with last week’s post.

1 – Obligations

‘Honesty is the best policy’

We have all heard the expression above, but what is it suggesting? Well for the most part it is saying honesty by definition is a virtuous act. But is it really? Cannot dishonesty be virtuous too? In order for a philosophical concept to work, it is first required to be consistent. I believe I can prove this from a philosophical perspective myself. This is also, where we touch on the more ethical nature of our choices to be honest or not. I hope it makes sense.

Honesty accepts that you have an obligation to be honest. However, the obligations we are faced with may well have been either ‘unchosen’ or a ‘chosen’ one. There is an important distinction between them in order for us to best understand our decision whether to be honest or dishonest.

Negative Unchosen Obligation

Much like the analogy, I made with the murderer and my story about skipping school. Both parties are faced with an obligation to be honest that was forced upon them. The murderer demands to know where your wife is so he can commit an act of violence against someone you love. Sending the murderer in the opposite direction would be considered both dishonest and virtuous simultaneously, insofar as you would be averting an act of violence against another. Unless the murderer is directly threatening the husband, then it would be hard to accept their decision to tell the truth as virtuous if they sent him the correct way.

Regarding my choice to lie about skipping school, whilst it may share some similarities with the murderer analogy, there are some core differences. Firstly, I was forced to go to school, whether I wanted to or not. The obligation was imposed on me from the start. My choice whether I went to school or not cannot be considered either as virtuous or un-virtuous, since this would be merely my preference in deciding whether I went to school or not. However, when I chose to lie about my whereabouts that day in order to stave off some physical punishment, my dishonesty can be viewed as a virtuous act. Why? Well, whilst I have no positive obligation to go to school, other than my fear of punishment, my dishonesty averted a violent act against me. Wherever coercion is being applied to obligate us to tell the truth then there is nothing virtuous in telling them the truth. The person coercing us into truth telling is nothing more than a mugger demanding our wallet.

Positive Chosen Obligation

These are the obligations that we choose for ourselves. They are obligations for which responsibilities are placed upon us by choice. The important difference to the previous obligation is that we ‘choose’ these responsibilities; they are not forced upon us. If I choose to work for an employer and decide to skip a day from work without informing them, then they have a right to ask me where I was, since we both agreed to my coming into work at a certain time. Whilst I could lie and say, I was lost at sea or in an accident unable to reach them by phone. My decision to lie can be viewed as un-virtuous, since I decided to lie about something I had positively chosen to abide by. If I tell my employer the truth that I just didn’t feel like coming in and my employer decides to fire me, then he is perfectly within his rights according to the contract we both agreed to. It would be their choice, since I was the one that broke the agreement. Similarly, as one of last week’s commenter’s suggested, if I elect to own a pet, then I am obliged to feed it and give them some ability to exercise. If I decide to not feed that animal, then I am responsible for its subsequent dying of hunger.


Perhaps the most important positive obligation we can give ourselves is to have children. This subject probably deserves a whole blog post of its own, but I will attempt to condense it for this particular post.  Our relationship with our children whilst entirely chosen by the parent is an unchosen one for the child. We’ve all heard a teenager complain to a parent, ‘I never chose to be born’. Well, it’s true, they didn’t. Perhaps they would have preferred some other persons to be their parents. This means that parents have a special responsibility to their children, insofar as they need to recognise their children’s ‘unchosen’ obligation to them.  It requires an exceptional kind of care that you may not apply to other relationships in your life. This is because they are very vulnerable for at least the first 16 to 18 years of their life and wholly reliant on the parent to protect them. This relationship effectively trumps all others because of this unique responsibility.

2 – Appropriate honesty

This was an interesting question raised in last week’s comments thread. It raised the issue of how much honesty should we give a person at the beginning of a relationship. Opening up the most vulnerable parts about yourself can be viewed as inappropriate before levels of realistic trust have been formed between them. I completely agree with this, but I wouldn’t suggest that this kind of honesty was ‘radical’; it merely reflects a dysfunction in that person and most likely a display of ‘un-met’ needs, which I will come to in a moment. Radical honesty is about understanding your own feelings as much as the other. It requires empathic skills to decide whether this new person is actually worthy of your complete honesty. For instance if I decide to engage with someone I have knowingly seen to be aggressive and irrational and I express some doubts about their behaviour, then I am likely to experience some great hostility from them. Likewise, if I decide to share my most innermost thoughts with someone I only just met, I can hardly be surprised if they then go and tell others about them. These are all signs of a lack of empathy, which probably stem from neglect that some of us experienced as children. Honesty is risky and should only be shared with those that have proved themselves to be trustworthy.

Un-met Needs

These are needs that children desire as they grow up, such as care, empathy, understanding and truth. If some of these were missing in your childhood, then it’s highly likely you will look for people that mirrored your experience as a child; in the unconscious hope they will finally meet those needs for you. Generally this often means you approach relationship building in a dysfunctional way and rather than having those un-met needs being satisfied, they are often more likely to be compounded further.

3 – Culture

I touched on this two weeks ago in Relationships, Friendship & Attraction. There are a lot of myths that surrounds how we approach our relationships and indeed how we hold onto them. We have all seen the endless movies with the guy getting the girl at the very end against all adversity. Culture has endless quotes that seemingly show relationships as this kind of fantastical adventure.

‘Love will conquer all’

‘Unconditional love’

‘Friendship is forever’

‘Soul mate’

Love is often given some mythological status, as if it doesn’t really require any earning and is found more by luck than by judgement. Often these cultural references only serve to hinder and compound dysfunctional behaviour in us. This is why as a philosopher I am always wary of culture and which is why you should be also.

There is a lot more I could say on this subject and indeed, I will in the weeks to come. What constitutes a healthy relationship I feel are generally our ‘shared values’. What those values are exactly I will certainly be discussing in a later post. For now I hope that both this week and last week’s post go a long way into giving you a better understanding of what I have described as ‘radical honesty’. I would also like to thank Joey, Ozlem and Lori for their contribution to this week’s post. As always, the very best of luck to you all.

Real-Time Relationships - Stefan Molyneux

Free PDF of Real-Time Relationships


Copyright © Patrick Tulley 2011 – All Rights Reserved.

Thoughts and comments are encouraged as always.

Pdf document:  Radical Honesty & Relationships – An Addendum



My name is Patrick Tulley. I am primarily a philosopher and an amateur writer but also have been a painter and sculptor in the past.  My background has been quite varied, as I have lived abroad on and off during my 20′s, been in a number of different professions throughout my life. More recently, I have been working as a private consultant within the public sector.

Since philosophy is my preferred interest; it is always something I rigorously apply to all my thinking and writing. Whilst I am knowledgeable about abstract philosophy, I am not particularly interested in taking that route.  Philosophy is about the search for truth, it was always meant to be understandable by everyday people -this does not mean dumbing down the ideas of course.  It just means I do not allow myself to get sidetracked by too many inconsequential arguments, often referred to as lifeboat scenarios.  I tend towards the more Aristotelian and Socratic methods of philosophy, but I also have interests in Hume, Nietzsche and Rand.  Philosophy has been a wonderful and fulfilling part of my life; it’s often been a very misunderstood subject -which I hope to discuss in future posts.  I also enjoy reviewing art, literature, music and passing comments on culture, news and personal experiences that I have found both interesting and enlightening.  I do not have a particular interest in politics –however; I may discuss my reasons with you sporadically throughout this blog.  Overall, this is hoped to be a journal about a philosophical life.  I hope you will enjoy my outlook on things and look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts along the way. I would also like to thank Ozlem for giving me this opportunity to have a voice on her blog.


Disclaimer; whilst we (guest bloggers and I) do not set about to intentionally upset visitors to the site; I understand some of the topics discussed/raised may touch nerves.  Please note I will do my utmost to screen these posts before I post them however; I do believe in freedom of speech and I would hate to limit someone because they think differently to me or have different values from mine.  Therefore, I urge you to have some understanding and an open mind before jumping in and causing a scene without it being constructive.  Like I said, Patrick and I do have difference of opinions and on most cases we agree to disagree but at the same time we also respect the others’ thoughts and views -after all we do live in a civilized world; with this in mind I hope we will have more cultivated and engaging discussions.  One last note to all:  Here on yikici I have aimed to keep posts and discussions clean; I am not a fan of words that are disrespectful and disparaging therefore, I will not condone its’ use here on yikici; I do hope you share my views on this –if not, at least can respect them.


Thoughts and comments are encouraged as always.

Pdf document:  Radical Honesty & Relationships – An Addendum

Challenge Taken: Ferocious Fireworks

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Saturday’s Showcase Sketches:  

I’m a wee bit behind schedule today (should have finished this yesterday), my muse deserted me last night -of all the times she should be doing that! *not speaking to her now* -punishment comes to mind *evil grin* -ok, ok I take that back *apologetic smile* I know I know I have my WIP’ to think about too *grumbles*.  Now that that’s all cleared *ahem* let’s get back to the matter at hand; today’s post.  Since Wednesday I have been thinking about the challenge Ken Broad set (all those delightful pictures!); it’s only come together yesterday and today (just), I’m still wondering if it reads ok (been experimenting as usual).  Please feel free to share your honest thoughts.

If you are wondering about my ROW80 goals, I will provide an update following the challenge and flash fiction below.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

The challenge is as follows:

Here are the rules for Ken Broad’ challenge (in his words):

  1. Have Fun
  2. Each month I will find 4 photos to post. Your job (should you dare) to write a story of no more than 500 words in any genre that might be inspired by one of the pictures.
  3. If rule 2 isn’t working for you, please refer to rule 1.
  4. New extra rule, use one or all (or somewhere in-between) of the photos. If in doubt on how to proceed, please refer to rule 1 as well.


The chosen image(s) will be displayed as I see appropriate.  Incidentally, the word count is 360 (with the title it is 364).  Enjoy!


I cannot believe how easily I swayed Meena’s parents; well, I was naive not to consider the impeding war on their doorstep.  They wanted her safe, how ironic…

Image sourced from: http://farm1.static.flickr.com

I gritted my teeth and exhaled slowly as the plane hit another cloud –turbulence!  I jolted in my seat.  I should have opted for the long drive back to the city rather than this rickety plane –it seemed to be on it’s last legs why did I agree to this!

Meena looked over the side, amazed at what she saw…

did the plane just tip –or was that my paranoia?  Great!  That’s all we need –I knew the safari journey had to be better than this.

I gently pulled Meena back onto my lap.  The pilot had specifically said no movements.

I closed my eyes…

Image sourced from: http://farm4.static.flickr.com

I remember the joy filled curiosity in Meena’ eyes when I first took her to Piccadilly Circus –she stood still momentarily as she watched the happy chaos that was unfolding around her, the illuminating neon lights, the electronic billboards displaying various advertisements, the statue of Eros, the cars, the people, the animated crowd.  She looked up and gave me a huge warm smile, it melted my heart –I had made the right choice, she was happy, content and safe.

Image sourced from: http://farm4.static.flickr.com

There must be something more you can do!”  My eyes pleaded to the surgeon.

“I’m sorry…we did all we can.”

I blinked; moisture flowed down my face in silent torrents.

These words could not be…

…be true to my sweet…

no –she was going to be fine!

He just…

…he’s just…

My thoughts faltered as the world shook around me –no that was me; trembling at the acknowledgement of the truth.  My legs gave way.

How could I…

…what would I…

…where could I…

Image sourced from: http://farm5.static.flickr.com

It was just moments ago, we were watching fireworks –bonfire night had come so soon; we planned to visit her parents…

Safe –how ironic!

Those kids should have been supervised!

Isn’t there an age restriction on those!

Of all the dangerous things out there –my Meena’…

Hysteria shook me as I left the morgue…

My sweet child…how I was wrong…

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Since Wednesday’s check-in I hoped to wow you my good intentions and spot-on targets -you noticed huh?  Hoped -yep, that implies unlikely results -ho hum…  I blame the lovely warm weather and my disorientation from my extended stay over at Katie and Neil (see Wednesday’s post).

What I have actually achieved: 

Well, let’s see, I have not even typed a single character on Becoming or even the WIP2 -maybe tonight -I hope I do so tonight *wishful thinking*.  I have; however written three blog posts (word counts: 1303, 630 and 1022 respectively -so I mustn’t grumble) and updated my various profiles on the world wide web (Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Goodreads , NetworkedBlogs and Facebook) -yep I’ve been networking!.  I guess thats still a positive thing -though I seriously need to focus -guys where are you?!!  *peers out across through the screen*.  I have also wandered across to a few ROW80 superstars and parted words of encouragements (I’m glad to have fit that in amongst all the chaos -yay!)   Upcoming Plans:  Within the coming week I hope to have kicked the mental blank that is happening with my projects, I will also be adding (hopefully -I know I have been saying that for a while) a storyline to the ongoing saga over at DiRosaYikici.  Resident guest blogger Patrick Tulley will be about tomorrow and my next post will be on Tuesday where I will be issuing you with another Triptych Challenge and also collating all the entries for you to read (you are in for a treat!) -you still have time to enter just check out the prompts over here.  Till then have fun!

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Did I achieve the challenge set? What gets your creativity flowing?  How are your ROW80 goals going?  Down in the dumps or are you soaring high in the sky?  As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -‘as all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Pdf document:  Ferocious Fireworks

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