Three P’s

You may wonder if this section has anything to do with your P’s and Q’s -though I have a sneaking suspicion you have already worked that out to be a big NO!  So what is the Three P’s I hear you ask…  The Three P’s is quite frankly: Paintings, Poetry & Photography; the three creative areas I delve into on many occasions; I write, I snap, I dab!  It has its own voice; so I only thought is was fair that it had its’ own section too; rightly deserved -might I add!  Please feel free to check out my muse from the eloquent Three P’s…


My love of paints -oils in particular (and I do not mean the type you use to decorate the house walls with!); stems all the way back to my 6th Form Art & Design class; since then I have not looked back.  It’s such a joy to paint with the fluid strokes and build layers upon layers and create an image from my mind’s eye…  I seem to be caught in a thought…  The lines, the colours, the vivid imagery, the confusion; I have been told my painting style is quite unique -I guess it’s mainly because it embodies my doodllz™ all the time…  I would love to hear what you think; if you share the same thoughts…

I will endeavour to exhibit some of my favourite pieces here; at times they may be replaced with new additions -who knows; my artistic temperament changes daily so I am certain you will be in for a surprise each time you pass on by with your lovely visit.


Poems have formed an integral part of my life; some of them have been silly, some odd, some poignant, some sad, some hopeful, some inspired and some even spontaneous.  There are some poems I write which I work on again and again and then there are some I just write and let it be, as they are.

Here on yikici I have put together a selection of my personal favourite poems (not the extensive list*); some are in English and some are in Turkish.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

*The extensive list (nearly) can be reached through doodllz™.


It was only by chance I stumbled across my photography skills; I do not classify myself as a photographer; with that comes extra skills; I am just adept in capturing photo’s that give me a sense of artistic visuals; sometimes abstract; sometimes; humorous and sometimes encompassing the essence of the environment which usually gives me a monumental sence of great achievement -so in moments like these I just keep snapping away; I have yet to stop -though I do not see that happening…

Some of the photographs that are displayed here on yikici will be just off the reel; some digitally enhanced and some used to create an artwork…  Whatever shape it takes; the creme de la creme will show up here for fleeting moments; please do not blink as you may just miss their flight…


What are your thoughts?

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