What to Expect (The Schedule)

In an attempt to stay organised I have devised a weekly schedule, where I hope some consistency will follow in terms of weekly posts.  My aim is to post approximately 4-5 posts a week however; due to circumstances beyond my control (be it health-related or an extremely hectic week etc…) these may be less -in such moments; I hope you can can show some understanding and bear with me until I get back on track of things.  Other times; if I am feeling generous, you may just see an additional post here and there -you have been warned!

For the time being here is my proposed timetable (Please note that the below schedule will roll out in an alternating manner):

Monday’s Meandering Muse

Posted fortnightly; here I will share with you my thoughts and views on life as I see it and any other random musings with a yikici twist.

Tuesday’s Triptych Tapestry

Posted fortnightly (I will review this in a few weeks; depending on response, I may change its frequency); this will be my challenge to you!  Over the weeks I have taken part in various exciting flash fiction challenges and now I want to send the challenges your way.

Being an artist at heart; I have decided my triptych prompts will be based with an art theme running through it.  The prompts will have three parts to it:

  • Painting/Photography by an Artist
  • Random lines of Poetry by Poets
  • An Art Movement/Writing Genre

I will endeavour to select the above through the methods used by surrealist automatism (this will involve selecting imagery by opening books/webpages in a random manner).  You can choose any of the given prompts -or if you are brave and up to a challenge then use all three prompts!  The choice is yours.  Word count will be limited to 500-1000 (if it is slightly less or more I will not quibble).

If there are artists who feel inspired to take part with imagery or any poets who want to enter with poems -you too can join in -hey why not make it a mixed media piece!  😀

Please ensure you provide the link to your entry in the comments of the appropriate post or allow for a pingback so we can track your entry for reading as well as for collating in the next Flash Fiction Challenge.

Whimsical Wednesday Writings

Will be posted fortnightly (currently on course to start within three months); this will be an interactive/collaborative, choose your own story-type segment where we all will hopefully create a tale to share with all.  If you are interested and would like to take part or provide some insight please contact me by dropping me a line.

Thursday’s Topical Tête-à-Tête

Posted fortnightly; here -as the title suggests, we (guest bloggers and I) will discuss topical events as we see it.  If you want to be one of the topical guest bloggers please give me a shout via the contact page.

Frivolous Fun Friday

Posted fortnightly; here you will find lighthearted posts where the topics may range from reviews I have carried out to what my pet hates are or random silliness (depending on my mood) -above all Friday is a day on just chilling and having fun.

Saturday’s Showcase Sketches

Posted weekly/fortnightly; here I will ‘showcase’ my works -be it written, painted, photographed or just sketched ideas.  -Well a girl has to have some ‘me‘ time!

Savvy Sunday Salutations

Posted weekly/fortnightly; here I will invite guest bloggers to share a post or two with us and on some Sunday’s I will pay homage to Artists, Authors, Actors I admire etc…  If you want to be one of the savvy guest bloggers please contact me via the contact page.


4 Responses to “What to Expect (The Schedule)”

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  3. […] rules are quite simply this: Being an artist at heart; I have decided my triptych prompts will be based […]

  4. […] rules are quite simply this: Being an artist at heart; I have decided my triptych prompts will be based […]

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